Zephyr Ambassador Program - Invitation to Apply

Kate Stewart

FYI.   Sorry about the typo on the cc.   

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Date: Wed, Aug 28, 2019 at 4:44 PM
Subject: Zephyr Ambassador Program - Invitation to Apply
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Following up from the TSC meeting earlier today,
the Ambassador Application form is now available.

For those who want to join the ambassador mail list
and get access to the latest overview materials for the 
project please fill out the form at:


This form will let you select the ways you wish to be involved.

The program is open to those any one in the community
who has made contributions into the project,  whether they
belong to a member company or not.    Contributions can be
code, but can also be writing documentation, blogs, product 
and new technology reviews, presentations and social media

The program is just forming,  so all the answers aren't figured
out yet,  but ff you have questions, please reach out.

Thanks,   Kate 

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