Re: [EXT] [Zephyr Ambassadors] Thanks for joining the Zephyr ambassador team! Overview and initial collateral.

Megan Hansen

Zephyr Ambassadors –


Per Kate’s message below, we really need your eyes on the Zephyr Gold Deck before we push it over to the creative services team for final clean up.


Please have a quick review and insert your comments/edits directly into the deck found here:


Deadline is Friday, Oct 18 (EOD).


Specific attention is need for the following:

  • Slide 12 – We no longer capture the data to create the circle chart (of who is participating)… does anyone have this data (can you internal systems generate this)? Any ideas for an alternative image to show diversity of contributors/participants?
  • Slide 52 – Architecture/Stack – is this block diagram still up to date?
  • Slide 55 – Ecosystem partners – anyone new we want to highlight?
  • Should we add Slack stats (1000ppl in Slack channel) to the Market Analysis section? Vibrant Community / other ways to interact with the project (maillists, social media?)


Thank you!


Megan C Hansen

MICR Partner, Software and Tools Marketing

NXP Semiconductors

Phone: +1-512-895-2310

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Subject: [EXT] [Zephyr Ambassadors] Thanks for joining the Zephyr ambassador team! Overview and initial collateral.


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Hi all,

    Thank you for joining the Zephyr ambassador team!


We've got representation now from China, North America

and Europe.    Here are some of the initial stats for the team:



Here are the languages we have coverage in: 


And this is what folks would like to help on:


   since the graph didn't render well,  here are the questions for the above graph:


Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 5.45.36 PM.png


For those 10 who are interested in helping out with Collateral creation: has the latest slides,  Megan and I have been working on.    We're changing up the order and partitioning the set of slides into sections, so presenters can pull from areas based on the topics/interests,  and the latest stats can be kept in one spot.  :-)  


If anyone has questions,  or suggestions for improvements,  please leave comments in the deck and we'll work on refining it over the next week.    Megan's going to turn the slides over to her creative team to polish for us next week,  so any input you can provide this week is very much appreciated.    If there's enough comments/major suggestions,  I'll schedule a meeting early next week to discuss the changes in more detail with those who've left comments and  have indicated they're willing to help with this collateral creation.   








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