West v0.12.0

Bolivar, Marti


I'm announcing west v0.12.0.

This release contains MSYS2 support, as well as a new feature that lets you attach arbitrary user data to any project, and access it using the west APIs.

Release links:

To upgrade:

  • Ubuntu: pip3 install --user west==0.12.0
  • Windows/macOS: pip3 install west==0.12.0

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release's development, testing, documentation, and review!


Jeff Rizzo (1):
      Support the MSYS2 platform

Marc Herbert (1):
      update: fix --tags explanation in --narrow help string

Martí Bolívar (37):
      commands: fix git version detection on macOS
      commands: propertize WestCommand.requires_installation
      commands: type annotate WestCommand
      commands: fix add_parser docstring
      configuration: clean 'if...:return.../elif...' lint
      configuration: fix WEST_CONFIG_LOCAL precedence
      west update: fix --fetch=smart for lightweight tags
      tox: fix mypy
      west status: only print output for projects with nonempty status
      manifest: fix Project.sha() for tag revisions
      tests: sprinkle os.fspath() around a bit
      tests: manifest: add regression test for Project.sha()+tags
      manifest-schema: update link to grepo manifest format
      MAINTAINERS.rst: we are on the 'main' branch now
      README.rst: master/main fixes
      tests: check if 'git init -b' is available
      tests: adjust create_repo() to keep working on newer git
      project.py: remove outdated 'master' comments
      init: clone the manifest repository, don't fetch it
      MAINTAINERS.rst: add a step to avoid #522 regressing
      manifest: simplify and fix get_projects()
      version: bump to v0.12.0a1
      tests: adjust create_repo() to keep working on OLDER git
      version: bump to v0.12.0a2
      Revert "add config update.unbuffered"
      Revert "tests: add test_update_projects_threaded*"
      Revert "add support for multi-threaded west update"
      manifest: add project 'userdata' key
      manifest: fix some Project.userdata issues
      main: handle WestNotFound
      util: tweak WestNotFound text
      .github: remove py 3.6 from ci matrix
      west list: fix "{sha}" for manifest project
      manifest: bump schema version
      tests: update tests for schema version
      version: bump to v0.12.0a3
      West v0.12.0

Michael Zimmermann (5):
      add support for multi-threaded west update
      tests: add test_update_projects_threaded*
      add config update.unbuffered
      test_import_project_release_dir: remove / from project names
      manifest: deny using / and \ as project names

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