Zephyr v2.7.1

Christopher Friedt <chrisfriedt@...>

Hi Zephyr Community!

We are pleased to announce the release of Zephyr v2.7.1 - the first
patch release in the LTS2 series.


This release is codenamed "Take the Red Pill" for.. reasons.

Security Vulnerability Related

The following security vulnerabilities (CVEs) were addressed in this release:

* (None)

More detailed information can be found in:

Issues Fixed

These GitHub issues were addressed since the previous 2.7.0 tagged release:

* 36558: Use of CMAKE_<lang>_COMPILER_FORCED on host-builds flag
breaks third-party libraries
* 36852: acrn_ehl_crb: the test of tests/subsys/cpp/libcxx/ failed
* 38181: tests/drivers/uart/uart_basic_api/drivers.uart.cdc_acm fails to build
* 38612: Fault with assertions enabled prevents detailed output
because of ISR() assertion check in shell function
* 38972: logging: Cleaning references to tracing in logging
* 38999: Bluetooth: Controller: Fix HCI command parameter check failures
* 39022: tests/drivers/uart/uart_basic_api/drivers.uart.cdc_acm fails to build
* 39297: Lorawan regression in v2.7rc4 for US915 and AU915 regions
* 39361: BL5340 image is broken on documentation page
* 39409: runners: canopen: program download fails with slow flash
access and/or congested CAN nets
* 39523: task watchdog crash/asset on NRF52840 - need to reorder
task_wdt_feed() in task_wdt_add()
* 9541: can: mcux_flexcan: wrong timing calculation
* 39575: k_mutex_lock and k_sem_take with K_FOREVER return -EAGAIN value
* 39594: Possible bug or undocumented behaviour of spi_write
* 39609: spi: slave: division by zero in timeout calculation
* 39687: sensor: qdec_nrfx: PM callback has incorrect signature
* 39704: Using OpenThread makes the system unresponsive after 49.7 days
* 39817: drivers: pwm: nxp: (potentially) Incorrect return value on API function
* 39851: [Coverity CID: 240242] Dereference after null check in
* 39882: Bluetooth Host qualification on 2.7 branch
* 40133: mimxrt1060-evk flash shell command causes shell deadlock
* 40244: hci_spi sample cannot be built for nrf51dk_nrf51422 and
* 40290: CAN_STM32: Build error with CONFIG_CAN_AUTO_BUS_OFF_RECOVERY=n
* 40844: gen_app_partitions scans object files unrelated to current image
* 41237: drivers: ieee802154_dw1000: use dedicated workqueue

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release, and I would like
to wish all of our community members safe and happy holidays.


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