Zephyr 1.7.0 tagged

Nashif, Anas



We are pleased to announce the release of Zephyr kernel version 1.7.0. This

release continues refinement of the unified kernel introduced with the 1.6.0

kernel release, simplifying the overall Zephyr architecture and programming

interfaces. This is the last release that will support the deprecated legacy

nano- and micro-kernel APIs found in the 1.5.0 release and earlier.


This release introduces a new native IP stack, replacing the legacy uIP stack,

maintaining the legacy functionality, adding additional capabilities, and allowing

future improvements.


We have introduced support for the RISC V and Xtensa architectures and now

support 6 architectures in total.


Device tree support for ARM based boards added. The initial

device tree support includes flash/sram base address and UART devices.  Board

support includes NXP Kinetis based SoCs, ARM Beetle, TI CC3200 LaunchXL, and

STML32L476 based SoCs. Plan is to add support for other architectures and

expand device support in upcoming Zephyr releases.


More details can be found in the release notes at:





Many thanks to all who contributed to this release and continue to make Zephyr

better every day.


Master branch is now open for feature development. The Zephyr 1.8 release is

planned for end of May 2017.