Zephyr 1.8-rc1 tagged

Nashif, Anas


2 weeks later than planned we are pleased to announce that 1.8-rc1 has been tagged signaling the end of the merge window and the start of the bug fix and stabilisation cycle for Zephyr 1.8.


Changes targeting 1.8 will now be committed to the v1.8 branch (v1.8-branch).


Detailed logs since 1.7 was release can be found below, a summary with the highlights will be published with the final release of 1.8. We expect this to happen in the next 2-3 weeks.


Master is now open of non-intrusive changes targeting Zephyr 1.9, the merge window for major features and intrusive changes will open when we release 1.8. Please make sure you continue submitting changes to master and if your changes also target 1.8, make this visible in the PR or set the milestone in the PR page if you have access to do that.


Thank you for the contributions and collaboration.






Adithya Baglody (5):

      Disabled BOOT_BANNER for boot time benchmarks.

      tests: benchmarks: move app_kernel to unified kernel.

      drivers: console: Do not wait on the DTR signal from the host USB controller.

      test: benchmarking: Timing metrics for the kernel

      drivers: pwm: remove deprecated PWM API usage.


Amir Kaplan (1):

      power_mgmt: Remove deprecated macros and structs


Amit Kucheria (1):

      drivers: spi: add nRF5 slave driver


Anas Nashif (138):

      bump version to v1.7.99

      license: replace APL2.0 license with SPDX

      quark_se: arc: do not enable second I2C by default

      Revert "tests/crypto: Update testcase.ini to build on more platforms"

      Revert "samples: i2c_lsm9ds0: change hard-coded device name"

      kernel: use k_cycle_get_32 instead of sys_cycle_get_32

      Merge "Merge net branch into master"

      sanitycheck: add _k_queue_area to recognised sections

      Revert "boards: panther: Use 115200 baudrate for BLE UART"

      Revert "sys_bitfield*(): use 'void *' instead of memaddr_t"

      tests: profiling: disable em_starterkit

      tests: sprintf: fixed sprintf usage

      sanitycheck: run legacy tests only on daily basis

      doc: board porting guide

      quark_se: do not enable x86 SPI on ARC

      quark_se_ss: disable x86 GPIO driver by default

      Merge "Merge net branch into master"

      Zephyr 1.7.0 release notes

      doc: add 1.7.0 to the list of releases

      Merge "Merge net branch into master"

      panther: set SPI slave select for bme280

      sensors: BME280: added support for SPI communication

      sensor: bme280: fixed SPI device init

      tests: remove legacy tests already ported to unified

      benchmarks: move footprint benchmark out of legacy

      benchmarks: port object_footprint to unified kernel

      benchmarks: remove legacy tests already ported to unified

      tests: object_footprint:  add missing file

      Merge "Merge net branch into master"

      Merge "Merge bluetooth branch into master"

      sensors: sx9500: varables undeclared when in debug mode

      tests: enable syslog for sensors

      benchmarks: convert latency_measure to unified kernel

      samples: grove: remove duplicate config

      tinytile: support flashing

      samples: remove legacy applications

      samples: move logger-hook sample to subsystem

      samples: move shell sample subsystem folder

      samples: move usb samples subsystem folder

      samples: move ipm samples subsystem folder

      samples: ipm sample using mailbox for Quark SE

      tests: do not build with legacy API enabled

      kernel: disable legacy APIs by default

      Merge "Merge net branch into master"

      doc: build json files from the documentation

      doc: split release note documents

      doc: reduce levels in toc

      kernel: remove unused _THREAD_TIMEOUT_INIT and _THREAD_ERRNO_INIT

     tests: port static_idt test to unified kernel

      samples: console: filter boards without console

      tests: rename TICKS_UNLIMITED -> K_FOREVER

      Merge "Merge arm branch into master"

      tests: move fs test to tests/subsys/

      tests: tickless: remove unused code

      MAINTAINERS: update for network applications

      kconfig: fixed typo in CONFIG_EOI_FORMWARDING_BUG

      kconfig: fixed Kconfig name in comments

      kconfig: fixed name of Kconfig option in comment

      sensor: hp206c: sensor does not support trigger

      samples: usb: remove custom DBG macro and use sys_log

      kernel: remove remaining microkernel references

      kernel: remove all remaining references to nanokernel

      kernel: error on inclusion of nanokernel.h and microkernel.h

      tests: sprintf: increased main stack

      sensors: bmg160: fixed wrong Kconfig variable

      kconfig: rename non-Kconfig CONFIG_* variables

      debug: rename variable CONFIG_GDB_RAM_SIZE

      kernel: remove left-over code from object monitoring

      samples: shell: fix testcase.ini to be more inclusive

      samples: console: fixed filter and add CONFIG_

      Revert "scripts: devicetree: Handle mixed case node names"

      tests: benchmarks: increase timeout for app_kernel tests

      build: make sure we are calling python3 in all scripts

      Merge "Merge net branch into master"

      tests: rename ztests' assert > zassert

      tests: remove legacy tag from ported tests

      tests: app_kernel: enable ARM for this benchmark

      tests: crypto: disable 2 tests that are ridiculously slow

      kernel: mailbox: remove legacy support

      kernel: thread: remove legacy support

      kernel: remove legacy kernel support

      kernel: remove legacy.h and MDEF support

      kernel: remove legacy semaphore groups support

      kernel: rename nanoArchInit->kernel_arch_init

      samples: remove lsm9ds0 sample code which does nothing

      kernel: remove mentions of obsolete CONFIG_NANO_TIMERS

      ext: tinycrypt: update README to reflect correct version and hash

      MAINTAINERS: remove references to legacy headers

      doc: add minnowboard documentation

      doc: add galileo board documentation

      build: support building host tools

      scripts: add gitlint to check for validity of commit messages

      sanitycheck: support xunit report

      build: build host-tools when prebuilts are enabled

      ci: add CI/CD integration and related scripts

      checkpatch: per coding style, we do not allow c++ style comments

      Merge "Merge net branch into master"

      ci: update to build 2 parallel jobs per run

      ci: add documntation checking and posting to AWS S3

      doc: update known issues with blutooth APIs

      ci: on S3, add repo name into the path

      MAINTAINERS: replace git pointer to github

      doc: change pointer to SDK

      tests: net: set reasonable timeout on dns test

      tests: crypto: reduce high timeout value

      sanitycheck: include qemu log when failure is not a build issue

      CI: show commit range in log

      ci: update path to theme repo

      sanitycheck: build with asserts enabled

      gitlint: verify full name in signed-off-by line

      build: honor V=1 when flashing via DFU

      doc: remove reference to legacy.h header

      emulation: fix path of ELF binary when running with xt-sim

      xtensa: xt-sim: mark it as a board with simulator features

      xtensa: qemu: add qemu_xtensa board definition

      xtensa: rename SOC_SAMPLE_CONTROLLER

      xtensa: qemu: set correct clock frequency

      sanitycheck: add subsets support

      sanitycheck: add classname to testcase

      sanitycheck: junit: add total duration of run

      tests: net: reduce timeout of testcase

      sanitycheck: remove color output from xml

      Revert "net: zoap_server: Unify Makefile and add prj file"

      samples: lcd_hd44780: return if binding fails

      tests: net: increase RAM for test

      ci: sanitycheck: use subsets and cleanup

      ci: sanitycheck: run with asserts enabled also in second pass

      arc: em7d/em9d: fix typo in soc flags

      doc: do not put version in breadcrumbs for daily docs

      ci: use 0.9.1 SDK

      xtools: get rid of warnings about wrong path

      gitlint: check for subsystem in commit subject

      xtensa: dont set variant with gcc

      xtensa: add to sanitycheck

      ci: update to latest docker image

      toolchain: require SDK 0.9.1

      doc: update SDK link to 0.9.1

      release: Zephyr v1.8-rc1


Andre Guedes (1):

      tests/power/multicorei/lmt: Fix RTC configuration


Andrei Emeltchenko (11):

      quark_se: Fix Bluetooth settings for NBLE

      hci_usb: Fix incorrect length log

      hci_usb: Add project configuration for tinyTile board.

      wpan_serial: Correct system logging domain

      drivers: cc2520: Correct configuration options

      wpanusb: Fix using incorrect nbuf in fragment_get()

      net: nbuf: Implement net_nbuf_append_le32 helper

      net: shell: Correct print format specifier

      net: security: Use sys_put_be32() relevantly

      ipm: Trivial space adjustment

      samples: ipm_mailbox: Remove unneeded definitions


Andrew Boie (83):

      riscv_machine_timer: fix k_cycle_get_32()

      altera_avalon_timer: disable high-resolution timestamps

      kernel: add flexibility to k_cycle_get_32() definition

      arcv2_timer: fix cycle count race

      x86: loapic_timer: use TSC for k_cycle_get_32()

      tests: add timer monotonic test

      cortex_m_systick: fix _timer_cycle_get_32() race

      samples: add some missing testcase.ini

      x86: fix operand modifiers in IRQ_CONNECT()

      ipm_console: add Kconfig for receiver stack size

      xt-sim: set default stack size for IPM console receiver

      samples: grove: add missing testcase.ini

      arduino_101: fix default ROM size

      samples/logger-hook: fix usage of ring buffer

      arduino_101: add defconfig for mcuboot demonstration

      xtensa: remove legacy kernel cruft

      x86: add a more informative page fault handler

      device.h: remove deprecated device sync API

      kernel: remove deprecated init levels

      xtensa: fix CONFIG_DEBUG build

      xtensa: fix tickless idle build

      sanitycheck: add arduino_101_mcuboot

      xtensa: re-enable tinycrypt test cases

      arduino_101_mcuboot: increase image size to 124K

      xtensa: build similar to other Zephyr arches

      xt-sim: remove extraneous C file

      xtensa: add simulator targets for more SOCs

      xtensa: remove hifi_mini sim target

      sanitycheck: remove hifi_mini from arch config

      tests: sprintf: increase stack size

      tests: test_pipe_api: increase stack size

      ztest: apply extra stack size to ztest stack

      expr_parser: fix issue with hex values in environment

      tests: crypto: enable on other arches

      sanitycheck: catch ValueErrors when evaulating expressions

      arm: fix exception handling

      arm: work around QEMU issue with _IsInIsr

      kernel: add k_panic() and k_oops() APIs

      x86: exception-assisted panic/oops support

      arm: exception-assisted kernel panic/oops support

      tests: add fatal test case

      kernel: expose struct k_thread implementation

      x86: define MMU data structures

      tests: kernel: fatal: fix on ARC

      xtensa: fix coprocessor save area

      xtensa: move byte-order macros out of arch.h

      xtensa: remove Kconfig.cores

      xtensa: remove xt-sim_XRC_D2PM

      tests: kernel: common: adjust stack size

      kernel: add k_thread_create() API

      drivers: sensor: use k_thread_create()

      bluetooth: use k_thread_create()

      ipm_console_receiver: use k_thread_create()

      stack.h: add size computation function

      net: use k_thread_create()

      eth_enc28j60: use k_thread_create()

      gpio_sch: use k_thread_create()

      drivers: ieee802154: use k_thread_create()

      shell: use k_thread_create()

      usb: mass_storage: use k_thread_create()

      drivers: telnet_console: use k_thread_create()

      tests: use k_thread_create()

      samples: use k_thread_create()

      xtensa: optionally build reset vector code

      xtensa: merge crt1-*.S

      x86: remove hacks to include functions

      build: simplfy how extra build steps are specified

      kernel: init: mark initial dummy thread

      kernel: publish offsets to thread stack info


      debug: add stack sentinel feature

      tests: kernel: fatal: check stack overflow

      xtensa: fix XCC build

      xt-sim: fix board definition, rename

      xt-sim: don't depend on sample_controller SOC

      tests: fifo: extend cancel timeout limit

      xtensa: run simulator in turbo mode

      Kbuild.include: add function for unquoting strings

      xtensa: add config for toolchain version

      Makefile.toolchain.xcc: support multiple builds

      sanitycheck: build more Xtensa SOCs

      bluetooth: at: enable CONFIG_SERIAL

      libc: minimal: fix xtensa build


Andy Gross (7):

      dts: arm: Kinetis: Add bluetooth ports

      build: Don't remove dts/ directory on clean

      dts: Add application overlay support.

      scripts: devicetree: Handle mixed case node names

      dts: kinetis: bluetooth: Make UART port conditional

      Build: Fix outputexports dependencies

      build: Add separate DTS target


Andy Ross (3):

      quark_se: Don't enable UART 0 always

      quark_se: Fix bluetooth UART dependency

      k_mem_pool: Complete rework


Arun Jagadish (3):

      Bluetooth: AVDTP: Add AVDTP Receive Function

      Bluetooth: AVDTP: Fix discover param struct

      Bluetooth: AVDTP: Rename of variables


Benjamin Walsh (21):

      gcc: add compiler_barrier() macro

      kernel/sched: protect thread sched_lock with compiler barriers

      kernel: fix typo

      dlist: add SYS_DLIST_ITERATE_FROM_NODE()

      slist: add SYS_SLIST_ITERATE_FROM_NODE()

      tests: add tests for SYS_DLIST/SLIST_ITERATE_FROM()

      kernel/sched: add _is_thread_dummy()

      kernel/sched: refactor _get_first_thread_to_unpend()

      kernel/timeouts: add description of timeouts queued on the same tick

      kernel/timeout: fix handling expired timeouts in reverve queuing order

      tests/kernel/common: add test to verify same tick timeout expiry order

      kernel/sem: fix issue with expired timeouts on group operations

      kernel/sem: fix coding conventions

      doc: reorder sections in kernel/other

      doc: add polling API to the kernel primer

      doc: fix glaring typo in polling doc

      tests/common/timeout_order: reset test case thread to original prio

      ztest: add comment about expected thread priorities

      ztest: rename end-of-test semaphore

      ztest: shorten line longer than 80 characters

      MAINTAINERS: remove inactive maintainer from x86 and kernel core


Bogdan Davidoaia (19):

      random: mcux: rename random_mcux to random_mcux_rnga

      random: add MCUX TRNG driver

      kw41z: enable TRNG driver

      kinetis: fix Kconfig indentation

      net: use UNALIGNED_GET in net_addr_ntop

      net: use UNALIGNED_GET/PUT to access IP address

      ext: mcux: import XCVR driver for KW41Z

      ext: mcux: add OSAbstraction layer for Zephyr

      ext: mcux: add Makefiles for building the XCVR driver

      net: ieee802154: add native IEEE 802.15.4 driver for KW41Z

      samples: net: ieee802154: add KW41Z config file

      ieee802154: kw41z: adjust sequence timeouts

      ieee802154: kw41z: fix sync issue in CCA sequence

      ieee802154: kw41z: keep global transceiver interrupt unmasked

      ext: mcux: update to MCUX 2.2 for KW41Z

      ext: mcux: update XCVR driver to MCUX 2.2

      ext: mcux: update to MCUX 2.2 for MKW31Z4

      ext: mcux: update to MCUX 2.2 for MKW21Z4

      ext: mcux: update MK64F12.svd to MK64F12.xml


Carles Cufi (44):

      drivers: gpio: Set the line to the pull by default

      Bluetooth: controller: Use direct ISRs

      Bluetooth: controller: Set debug pins with macros

      Bluetooth: controller: Introduce debug pins Kconfig option

      Bluetooth: controller: Report 5.0 compliant controller

      build: Add support for MSYS2

      doc: Add MSYS2 to the Windows setup guide

      arch: nrf5x: Define additional compiler macros

      doc: Fix minor issues in Windows installation guide

      Bluetooth: controller: Remove unused H:4 tag macros

      Bluetooth: controller: Rename downstream API calls

      Bluetooth: controller: Introduce BLUETOOTH_LL_SW

      Bluetooth: controller: Move ll.h to an include folder

      Bluetooth: controller: Remove public address config option

      Bluetooth: controller: Move LL code from driver to ll_sw

      doc: subsystems: bluetooth: Update controller features

      Bluetooth: controller: Implement scan duplicate filter

      Bluetooth: controller: Implement event masks

      Bluetooth: controller: Fix warning with no dup filter

      Bluetooth: test: Add "tiny" controller configuration

      drivers: gpio: nrf5: Fix interrupt enable and disable

      Bluetooth: HCI: Add Bluetooth 5.0 LE commands and events

      Bluetooth: HCI: Naming consistency tweaks

      Bluetooth: Use event masks instead of bits in controller and host

      Bluetooth: Controller: Fix alignment issues from new integer types

      ext: Update Nordic MDK header files

      samples: bluetooth: Set DT baud rate for nRF5x boards

      Bluetooth: controller: Controller to Host flow control

      Bluetooth: Reshuffle Kconfig options

      Bluetooth: controller: Controller to Host Flow Control bits

      Bluetooth: Consolidate flow control Kconfig

      Bluetooth: controller: Fix overwriting of command parameters

      Bluetooth: controller: Use sys_le16_to_cpu on all commands

      Bluetooth: Enable events based on features

      Bluetooth: Fix hci_raw's RX buffer alloc

      Bluetooth: Move HCI driver debug to top-level Kconfig

      Bluetooth: controller: Add flow control logging

      Bluetooth: Move common code to common/

      Bluetooth: Move hci_uart UART Kconfig to the top-level file

      Bluetooth: hci_core: Log incoming LE Meta Event's subevents

      doc: win: Add DTC and pip instructions

      doc: getting_started: Remove legacy MinGW instructions

      build: Treat MSYS2 build as a UNIX build

      doc: getting_started: Switch to upstream DTC tree


Christer Weinigel (3):

      soc: stm32f4xx: Make missing flash latency info a compile error

      soc: stm32f4xx: Document the flash latency values

      usb: cdc_acm: Use 2 instead of 4 for IN BULK endpoint


Chuck Jordan (1):

      test: repair test_tickless for ARC because _tsc_read is now present


Daniel Thompson (3):

      doc: Restore documentation for 'make outputexports'

      boards: 96b_carbon: Fix broken PLL settings

      scripts: openocd.sh: Honour V=1


Dario Pennisi (1):

      Added sensor driver for ADXL362


David B. Kinder (56):

      doc: update glossary, remove from wiki

      doc: tweak .gitignore to allow doc theme dev

      doc: fix spelling errors in doc/kernel documents

      doc: fix more spelling errors throughout docs

      doc: allow table head and content to wrap

      doc: move IP porting guide to porting section

      doc: Update getting started with Windows material

      doc: add example clarifing duration/period

      doc: Add 1.5 release notes to release-notes.rst

      doc: fix installation on windows instructions

      doc: clean up blank lines in getting started docs

      doc: add labels to sample docs for linking

      doc: add labels to bluetooth sample docs

      doc: add labels to basic sample docs

      doc: add labels to net sample docs for linking

      doc: add labels to sensor sample docs for linking

      doc: add labels to board-specific sample docs

      doc: add labels to sample docs

      doc: fix headings in release notes

      doc: fix :file: reference to include file

      doc: fix :file: references in application primer

      doc: fix :file: reference to include file

      doc: fix :file: reference to include file

      doc: fix reference to include file

      doc: fix path reference to shell sample

      doc: remove reference to deleted sample code

      doc: add substitutions for special characters

      spell: fix comment typos: /include/arch/*

      spell: fix comment typos: /include

      spell: fix doxygen comment typos: /drivers

      spell: fix doxygen comment typos: /boards /samples

      spell: fix doxygen comment typos: /arch

      spell: fix doxygen comment typos: /subsys

      spell: fix Kconfig help typos: /arch

      spell: fix Kconfig help typos: /boards /drivers

      spell: Kconfig help typos: /kernel /misc /subsys

      spell: Kconfig help typos: /arch

      doc: fix typo in shell doc

      doc: fix broken :ref: link

      doc: fix broken link in 1.7 release notes

      doc: fix broken link in em_starterkit board doc

      doc: tweak Sphinx linkcheck options

      doc: fix broken link in nordic-segger board doc

      doc: remove listing of old documentation archives

      doc: change gerrit references to github

      doc: Add README.rst to project root

      doc: remove :orphan: from README.rst

      doc: fix doc headings in security.rst

      doc: spelling check doxygen comments include/

      doc: remove kernel version 2 wording

      doc: loses misspelling in conn.h

      doc: misspellings in Kconfig files

      doc: misspelling and UTF-8 fixes

      doc: define more unicode replacement chars

      doc: identify release version in generated docs

      doc: tweak doc build tools instructions


David Brown (3):

      misc: Generalize LOAD_OFFSET support

      misc: Allow flash image size to be constrained

      doc: Add secure coding guidelines


Erwan Gouriou (45):

      dts: minor update for nucleo_l476rg

      arch: stm32: provide tick to Cube HAL

      gpio: enable ports F G (and H) for stm32f1xx (stm32f4xx)

      clock_control: fix to get PLL2 source for PREDV1 working

      tests: update uart driver api test case

      ext: stm32cube: update stm32f7xx cube version

     ext: stm32cube: update stm32f4xx cube version

      ext: stm32cube: update stm32f3xx cube version

      driver: i2c: stm32lx: align numbering scheme on data sheet

      drivers: i2c: stm32lx: Add support for I2C_2

      drivers: pinmux: clean stm32l4x pinmux headers

      pinmux: stm32l4x rework header definition

      dts: provide stm32 soc dtsi files for stm32 base boards

      dts: add dts for nucleo boards

      dts: provide dts for stm32 eval boards

      dts: provide dts files for non st stm32 based boards

      drivers: i2c: stm32: fix i2c_2 instance config

      drivers: pinmux: stm32l4 fix

      sensor: lsm6ds0: fix copy/paste error

      ext: stm32cube: update stm32f1xx cube version

      dts: Align uart "baud-rate" property to device tree spec "current-speed"

      drivers: clock control: Provide LL based clock control for stm32f4 series

      drivers: dma_stm32f4x: make driver compatible with LL Clock Driver

      boards: stm32f4: Provide config for LL Clock control

      soc: stm32f4: Enable LL based clock control

      stm32f4: Clean references to stm32f4 specific clock control

      driver: uart: clock control code refactoring

      driver: clock control stm32: align f4 factor names on l4

      soc: stm32l4xx: add support for STM32L475XG

      board: Add support for board disco_l475_iot1

      boards: disco_l475_iot: Configuration for HTS221 sample

      boards: disco_l475_iot1: Remove unexpected I2C address for HTS221

      samples: sensor: hts221

      drivers: clock_control: fix AHB2 bus clock activation on stm32f4

      soc: stm32l476rg: rename SOC config flag

      soc: stm32f429zi: rename SOC config flag

      soc: stm32f407xg: rename SOC config flag

      sensors: add lps22hb sensor driver

      sensor: lis3mdl: remove use of i2c_burst_write api

      sensor: add lsm6dsl sensor driver

      boards: disco_l475_iot: fix wrong link to reference manual

      board: stm32f469i_disco: fixup to compile uart

      dts: stm32: uart nodes were missing yaml description

      dts: stm32: rename uart generic node name to serial

      dts: stm32f4: rework family tree


Evan Couzens (1):

      doc: Update Linux environment setup and supported OSes


Flavio Santes (28):

      tests/mqtt: Fix compiler warnings in MQTT Packet test case

      tests/crypto: Update testcase.ini to build on more platforms

      samples/net/mqtt: Simplify MQTT publisher

      samples/net/mqtt: Improve inline doc

      samples/net/mqtt: Move conf parameters to config.h

      samples/net/mqtt: Don't break lines after the "static" keyword

      net/dns: Improve unaligned memory access

      samples/net: Fix uninitialized variable error

      samples/net: Fix error handling issues in IRC bot

      net/dns: Fix style issues in the DNS high-level API

      net/dns: Add the static keyword to the dns_find_null routine

      net/dns: Fix style issues

      tests/net/dns: Add the test case for the DNS low-level routines

      samples/net/http_client: Cast size_t to int to avoid compiler warnings

      samples/net: Fix format warning in the HTTP client sample app

      samples/net: Add the QEMU x86 prj file to the HTTP client sample app

      net/http: Add the HTTP/1.1 API

      samples/net: Add the HTTP API to the HTTP server sample application

      samples/net: Add the HTTP API to the HTTP client sample application

      ext/lib/crypto: Update TinyCrypt to version 0.2.6

      samples/http: Match header field ctr with Kconfig variable

      net/http: Move some statements to the right place

      samples/net/http: Add the HTTP Basic Authentication routine

      net/dns: Fix wrong name in DNS answer type routine

      net/dns: Fix DNS answer RR computation

      tests/net/dns: Add routines to evaluate DNS responses

      test/crypto: Update ECC DH test case

      test/crypto: Update ECC DSA test case


Florian Vaussard (23):

      kernel: arm: Increase idle stack size to fix corruption by FP_SHARING

      gpio: stm32: Use atomic set/reset in stm32_gpio_set()

      arm: stm32f4: Fix comment in Kconfig

      arm: stm32f4: Add FPU support

      clock: stm32f4: Fix range of CLOCK_STM32F4X_PLLN_MULTIPLIER config

      clock: stm32f4: Fix wrong BKPSRAM and CCMDATARAM clocks

      clock: stm32f4: Add some missing clocks

      gpio: stm32: Use macro to simplify registration

      gpio: stm32: Add support for ports I to K

      serial: stm32: Properly put Kconfig options in their own submenu

      arm: stm32f4: Reorder Kconfig options

      pinmux: stm32f4: Clean-up pinmux header

      soc: stm32f407xg: finish SOC renaming

      soc: stm32f429zi: finish SOC renaming

      arm: stm32f4: Do not enable USART1/USART2 by default

      arm: stm32f4: Add basic support for STM32F413

      stm32f4: Add STM32F413 Nucleo board

      serial: stm32: Use macro to simplify registration

      serial: stm32: Add support for U(S)ART4/5/6/7/8/9/10

      pinmux: stm32f4: Clean-up pinmux arrays

      pinmux: stm32f4: Compile out unused pinmux

      pinmux: stm32f4: Add pinmux for more UARTs

      dts: stm32f4: Add UART3/4/5/7/8/9/10


Genaro Saucedo Tejada (1):

      MAINTAINERS: update mantainers


Gil Pitney (15):

      net: offload: Rename Kconfig NET_L2_OFFLOAD_IP to NET_OFFLOAD

      net: offload: Move offload_ip field from net_l2 to net_if

      net: offload: More decoupling of net_offload from l2 naming

      cc3200: Move pinmux and UART initialization to PRE_KERNEL_1

      cc3200: Resolve DTS fixup.

      MAINTAINERS: Update maintainer for TI CC32XX SoCs, boards and SDKs

      ext: cc3220sdk: Import HAL for TI CC3220S SoC

      cc3200: Make use of mem.h file in soc dtsi file.

      cc3220sf: Add support for the TI CC3220SF SoC

      boards: Add support for the CC3220SF_LAUNCHXL board

      MAINTAINERS: Update maintainer for TI CC3220SF LaunchXL board

      cc3220sf: Update "baud-rate" dts property to "current-speed"

      cc3200: Set warning to deprecate board in Zephyr v1.8

      cc3220sf: Minor board documentation updates

      ext: simplelink: Restructure CC3220SDK as SimpleLink SDK


Gustavo Denardin (6):

      arm: Support for new STM32F4 socs (STM32F407 and STM32F429)

      arm: IRQ number correction in the soc configuration

      arm: UART driver modifications for MKL25Z soc support

      arm: Support for MKL25Z soc

      arm: GPIO driver modifications for MKL25Z soc support

      arm: Support for new ARM board FRDM-KL25Z


Huaqi Fang (6):

      boards: Update arc em_starterkit support from 2.2 to 2.3

      boards: Make em9d to the default core configuration for emsk

      doc: Update emsk board debug and flash section

      arc: Fix copyright year mistake in soc.h of arc em7d, em9d, em11d

      doc: Update documentation for EM Starter Kit

      doc: boards: Update reference links in em starterkit documentation


Inaky Perez-Gonzalez (8):

      filter-known-issues: fix missing variable printing

      doc: update link to 0.9 SDK

      sys_bitfield*(): use 'void *' instead of memaddr_t

      drivers: slip: Allow specifying the MAC address from config file

      samples/shell: print the actual params passed

      samples/net/echo_client: add SAM e70 and FRDM k64f ethernet configurations

      tests: tag with 'ignore_faults' testcases that provoke faults

      x86: call gen_idt with $ZEPHYR_BASE too


Jaganath Kanakkassery (1):

      Bluetooth: SDP: Server: Introduce private define for max services


Jean-Paul Etienne (12):

      riscv32: riscv32-qemu: provide a more generic way of filtering IRQs from exceptions

      tests: gen_isr_table: account for riscv32 architecture

      riscv32: fixed build warnings for obj_tracing

      riscv32: added the riscv-privilege SOC_FAMILY

      riscv32: riscv-privilege: Platform-Level Interrupt Controller support

      timer: riscv_machine_timer driver depends on SOC_FAMILY_RISCV_PRIVILEGE

      timer: riscv_machine_timer: prevent spurious interrupt while rearming the timer

      riscv32: added support for the SiFive Freedom E310 SOC

      pinmux: added support for the SiFive Freedom E310 pinmux driver

      interrupt_controller: added support for the SiFive Freedom E310 PLIC driver

      serial: added support for the SiFive Freedom E310 UART driver

      gpio: added support for the SiFive Freedom E310 GPIO driver


Jessica Wagantall (1):

      doc: Updating installation instructions


Jesus Sanchez-Palencia (5):

      ext qmsi: Update QMSI to 1.4 RC3

      ext qmsi: Update QMSI to 1.4 RC4

      net: context: Make packet_received() static

      net: todo: Remove TCP from TODO

      ext qmsi: Update QMSI version on README


Jithu Joseph (5):

      subsys: gdb_server: Fix type mismatch

      tests: drivers: uart: fix variable type mismatches

      boards: arduino_101: enable GPIO by default

      net: ip: Address type mismatch warnings

      tests: kernel: port work_queue test to unified kernel


Johan Hedberg (58):

      Bluetooth: Add support for Bluetooth 5.0 version specifier

      Bluetooth: Relax minimum advertising interval for 5.0 controllers

      Bluetooth: samples: Add combined observer & broadcaster app

      Merge bluetooth branch into master

      Bluetooth: Make bt_hci_driver instances link-time constants

      Bluetooth: shell: Fix missing initialization of param.own_addr

      Bluetooth: shell: Add command to start continuous passive scanning

      Bluetooth: Move crypto APIs to dedicated header file

      Bluetooth: Controller: Factor out ECB core code from ecb_encrypt()

      Bluetooth: Controller: Introduce big-endian variant for ECB

      Bluetooth: Introduce public big-endian AES API

      Bluetooth: Controller: Increase default TX buffer count

      Bluetooth: Use specific pointer type for conn->channels

      Bluetooth: ATT: Reorder handler struct for compactness

      Bluetooth: ATT: Refactor PDU handling

      Merge bluetooth branch into master

      drivers: Add support for BBC micro:bit LED display

      drivers: display: Enhance BBC micro:bit string output capabilities

      boards: bbc_microbit: Remove bogus references to green LEDs

      doc: subsystems: bluetooth: Update feature list

      drivers: display: mb_display: Add empty column to scrolling text

      drivers: display: mb_display: Add internal reset helper

      drivers: display: mb_display: Get rid of unnecessary image tracking

      drivers: display: mb_display: Make display context more compact

      drivers: display: mb_display: Unify image and string APIs

      Revert "subsys/console: Yield on char availability."

      Bluetooth: monitor: Drop data instead of holding IRQ lock for long

      Bluetooth: monitor: Add support for logging packet drops

      Bluetooth: HCI: Add define for success status

      Bluetooth: ECC: Fix command status emission from wrong thread

      Bluetooth: Controller: Introduce rate-limiting on stack analysis

      Bluetooth: Remove unnecessary controller-side buffers tracking

      Bluetooth: SMP: Remove redundant ';'

      Bluetooth: hci_ecc: Fix ECDH API usage

      Bluetooth: tests/shell: Limit BR/EDR configuration to Qemu for now

      Bluetooth: conn: Pass disconnect error properly to the conn struct

      Bluetooth: conn: Set initial responder address when connecting

      Merge bluetooth branch into master

      Bluetooth: AVDTP: Remove unused define

      boards: bbc_microbit: Add defines for all edge connector pins

      samples/boards/microbit: Add sound sample

      Bluetooth: hci_raw: Fix ECC support

      Bluetooth: Add support for tracking transmitted packets

      Bluetooth: ATT: Enforce flow for incoming requests & indications

      Bluetooth: SMP: Track when last key distribution PDU has been sent

      Bluetooth: Introduce a timeout for synchronous HCI command sending

      Bluetooth: ATT: Fix bogus CONTAINER_OF() usage

      Bluetooth: Introduce flow control for outgoing ATT packets

      Bluetooth: ATT: Start response timer only after actual transmission

      Merge bluetooth branch into master

      Bluetooth: HCI: Fix alignment of struct members

      Bluetooth: Fix alignment issues resulting from new integer types

      Bluetooth: Remove unnecessary bt_dev_esco struct

      Bluetooth: L2CAP: Fix unnecessary NULL check

      Bluetooth: conn: Remove shadow iterator variable

      Bluetooth: Introduce buffer type parameter to bt_buf_get_rx

      Bluetooth: (Re)introduce ACL host flow control

      Bluetooth: samples: Fix passkey display


Johann Fischer (1):

      drivers: mcr20a: cleanup and refactor interrupt processing


Jon Medhurst (9):

      gpio: Add gpio_mmio32 driver to access basic 32-bit i/o registers

      mps2: Add defines and devices for FPGA system control block

      tests: dma: Initialise callback enable flags

      api: dma: Fix comments for struct dma_config

      subsys: console: Add missing zephyr/types.h include

      i2c: bitbang: Add library for software driven I2C

      i2c: i2c_gpio: Driver for software driven I2C using GPIO lines

      i2c: i2c_sbcon: Driver for ARM's SBCon 2-wire serial interface

      boards: mps2_an385: Enable I2C devices


Jorge Ramirez-Ortiz (1):

      flash/stm32: driver for STM32F4x series


Juan Manuel Cruz (2):

      flash: Fixes wrong SPI device for flash memory in arduino 101 sss

      drivers: enc28j60: buffer reception waits timeout


Juan Manuel Cruz Alcaraz (2):

      samples: dtls client: DTLS client sample configuration file

      sample: net: mbedtls ssl: SSL client sample is adapted to TCP API


Jukka Rissanen (210):

      net: Add network link technology type to linkaddr

      net: Set the network link address type when setting link address

      net: nbuf: Set the link address type in nbuf

      net: ipv6: IEEE 802.15.4 short address fix

      net: buf: net_buf_frag_del() had insufficient debugging

      drivers/ieee802154/pipe: Use net_nbuf_unref to release net_buf

      Merge net branch into master

      net: doc: Fix incorrect netcat note for qemu setup

      net: doc: Invalid config option for TCP

      samples: net: Fix the 802.15.4 monitor pcap saving

      net: icmpv6: Add TCP header when sending ICMPv6 error

      net: icmpv6: Echo-Reply seq and id fix

      net: ipv6: Add util to traverse neighbor cache entries

      net: shell: Print IPv6 neighbor information

      net: ipv6: Add util to remove neighbor from cache

      net: if: Remove local address from IPv6 neighbor cache

      net: ipv6: Bluetooth address fix

      net: ipv6: Do not try to unref null pointer

      Merge net branch into master

      net: buf: Add more accounting info to net_buf pool

      net: nbuf: Remove unnecessary debugging code

      net: Add net_buf pool support to each context

      samples: net: Use context specific net_buf pools in echo_*

      net: buf: Store name of the buffer pool

      net: shell: Print network buffer pool information

      net: nbuf: Fix the net_nbuf_copy() buf parameter

      net: nbuf: Fix net_nbuf_copy() so that original nbuf is not modified

      net: nbuf: Add helper function to copy buf user_data

      net: 6lo: Use dedicated buf pool if enabled

      net: 6lo: Change how net_buf is allocated in RX side

      net: conn: Print UDP and TCP checksum after receiving pkt

      net: tcp: Fix the issues with 6lo

      net: context: TCP packets must be send via net_tcp_send_data()

      net: nbuf: Split one global DATA pool to RX and TX DATA pools

      net: shell: Fix the info prints for net_buf pools

      net: nbuf: Print pool name instead of address in debug prints

      net: nbuf: Use net_nbuf_get_frag() to allocate a fragment

      net: Remove link layer reserve param from IP packet creator

      net: nbuf: Pass ll_reserve when creating TX buffer

      net: nbuf: Remove obsolete reserve variable from net_nbuf

      net: if: Clarify the documentation in net_if_send_data()

      net: nbuf: Remove unnecessary buf init

      net: nbuf: Track memory allocations

      net: shell: Add cmd to see net_buf allocations

      net: nbuf: Create net_nbuf_frag_del() for tracking allocations

      net: shell: Show also ISR and main stack usage

      net: nbuf: Do not delete the fragments in net_nbuf_unref()

      net: nbuf: Print adjust value if we fail in read or write

      net: 6lo: ieee802154: Do no try to unref NULL net_buf

      net: 6lo: ieee802154: Memory leak when unfragmenting received data

      net: samples: echo-client: Allow UDP and TCP run at the same time

      net: nbuf: Print more info when trying double free net_buf

      net: core: Fix IPv6 extension parsing

      net: ipv6: Add support to join/leave multicast group

      net: if: Join/leave pre-defined IPv6 multicast groups

      net: ipv6: Notify others if we join/leave IPv6 mcast group

      net: if: Leave all joined IPv6 multicast groups at net_if_down

      net: ipv6: Allow joining to existing multicast address

      net: if: Create support to flush the TX queue

      net: ipv6: Add router alert option to MLD msg

      tests: net: Add unit tests for mld

      net: ipv6: Respond to MLD query

      net: ipv6: Collect MLD statistics

      net: icmpv6: Add function to unregister ICMPv6 handler

      tests: net: Add MLD query tests

      tests: net: Check allnodes and solicit node addresses.

      net: iface: Print error if we cannot join mcast groups

      net: todo: Mark multicast join/leave support done

      net: core: Mark RX and TX threads essential

      net: core: Use K_NO_WAIT when spawning RX and TX threads

      samples: net: http_server: Disable mbedtls

      samples: net: dtls_client: RX buf count too low

      samples: net: dtls_client: Fix mem leak in error path

      samples: net: dtls_client: Fix memory leak in RX path

      net: if: Fix compiler warning when printing TX stack size

      net: if: Skip error print for already joined mcast group

      Merge net branch into master

      net: ipv6: Add debug function to convert nbr state to string

      net: ipv6: Print IPv6 neighbor state changes

      net: ipv6: Send NS when neighbor is added

      net: ipv6: Return the prefix lifetime in seconds

      net: shell: Print more detailed neighbor information

      net: ipv6: Wrong timer was used when reachability timer expired

      net: ipv6: Add more debugging to reachability timer

      net: ipv6: Properly enter DELAY state in NUD

      net: utils: Byte to hex converter had wrong prototype

      samples: net: zperf: Fix compiler warnings

      net: tests: nbuf: Fix compiler warnings

      net: shell: Add cmd to remove IPv6 neighbor from cache

      net: shell: Pretty print the neighbor cache info

      net: tests: Fix the default MAC address

      net: Synchronize TX and RX threads startup

      net: Ignore everything in RX if interface is not up

      net: ipv6: Use net_nbuf_unref() to get better debug prints

      net: ipv6: Make sure there is data to be sent

      net: ipv6: Clear pending buf if NS cannot be sent

      net: ipv6: Enhance debug print when handling pending packet

      drivers: slip: Use always the initialized network interface

      net: Print error if buf or interface are NULL when receiving pkt

      net: ipv6: Make config options more fine grained

      drivers: slip: Fix memory corruption when receiving packet

      net: ipv6: Cancel the prefix timer before setting it again

      net: ipv6: Prefix length was incorrectly set

      net: icmp: Gracefully timeout net_buf get in RX path

      net: icmp: Update ICMP statistics for every ICMP packet

      net: icmp: Fix return values of ICMP error send function

      net: tcp: Print TCP trace in one line

      samples: net: coaps_client: Fix the parameters when setting callbacks

      drivers: ieee802154: cc2520: User can set the MAC address

      Merge net branch into master

      net: route: Try to route IPv6 packet if we are not the recipient

      net: Select IPv6 neighbor cache when RPL is enabled

      net: rpl: Fix printf modifiers for size_t variables

      net: context: Set the bind port

      samples: net: Remove multicast address setting in echo-server

      net: ipv6: Adding router mgmt add/del events

      samples: net: Remove multicast address setting in echo-client

      net: tcp: Refactor net_tcp_trace()

      net: shell: Add command for testing TCP connection

      net: tcp: Invalid transition from FIN_WAIT_1 to CLOSE_WAIT

      net: dns: Add resolve API

      net: dns: Initialize DNS resolver if DNS servers are set

      net: dns: Add functions to resolve using default context

      samples: net: DNS resolving sample application

      net: shell: Add DNS query support

      tests: dns: Resolve API test cases

      Merge net branch into master

      net: rpl: Temporarily disable some of the RPL tests

      net: tests: Fix nbr lookup in route tests

      net: tcp: Allow tweaking of 2MSL timeout

      net: nbuf: Do not crash if context pools are not in use

      net: shell: Fix the connection status output

      net: Check if sent packet is meant for us

      Merge net branch into master

      doc: Enhance IP stack overview documentation

      net: Move IPv6 packet handling from net_core.c to ipv6.c

      net: Move IPv4 packet handling from net_core.c to ipv4.c

      net: icmpv6: Print received packet type as string

      Merge net branch into master

      ztest: Give error if user has not defined CONFIG_ZTEST

      net: tcp: Store MSS in tcp header correctly

      net: dns: Invalid memory access

      tests: net: tcp: Fix NULL pointer dereference

      drivers/eth/mcux: Make sure not to leak net_buf in RX

      net: nbuf: Add function to split a data fragment

      net: ipv6: Support fragmented IPv6 packets

      net: ipv6: Add helper to get the last extension header

      net: shell: Add IPv6 fragmentation info printing

      net: rpl: Add checks for probing timer

      net: rpl: Fix the statistics collection

      net: ipv6: Allow user to tweak packet hop limit value

      net: dns: Set the address family and address length correctly

      net: dns: Add more debugging about configured servers

      net: dns: Fix the documentation errors in header file

      net: dns: Fix the compilation even if DNS is disabled

      net: route: Fix compilation error

      net: rpl: Fix compilation if CONFIG_NET_RPL_MOP3 is enabled

      net: rpl: Fix compilation if MRHOF is enabled

      net: shell: Fix printk format for multicast routes

      net: tests: Enables all net kconfig options in one test case

      net: ipv6: Fix the constness of function parameters

      net: mgmt: Add IPv6 DAD succeed/failed event

      samples: net: irc-bot: Use DNS resolve API

      net: dns: Remove dns_client API and sample application

      net: if: Repack net_if_addr struct to save space

      net: if: Reshuffle fields in net_if and related structs

      Merge net branch into master

      net: ipv6: Make sure not to access null pointer

      net: tcp: Avoid unused variable compiler warning

      net: pkt: Make the debug print eye friendly

      net: conn: Utility to print connection handlers

      net: Print debug info if packet is loopback back to us

      net: context: Set the local port correctly in accept

      net: tcp: Make sure ACK timer is not run if cancelled

      Bluetooth: ipsp: Fix compile error in sample app

      net: context: Connect callback was set too late

      net: shell: Fix compiler error when printing conn handlers

      Merge net branch into master

      net: tcp: Fix TCP trace value debug

      net: rpl: Do not crash if DIO message contains garbage

      drivers/eth/mcux: Fix the fragment ordering in RX

      samples/dns: Add config file for Arduino-101 and FRDM-K64F

      dns: Remove unused fields from dns_addrinfo struct

      doc: net: Fix IP stack architecture data flow pictures

      Merge net branch into master

      net: tcp: Mark ACK timer as cancelled

      http: client: Create a HTTP library

      net: samples: Common application init API

      net: samples: Add support to wait both IPv4 and IPv6

      net: samples: Fix the BT compilation in sample API

      net: pkt: Add function to linearize a network packet

      net: conn: Check duplicate UDP/TCP connection handlers

      net: http: Add HTTP server library support

      net: tcp: Handle case when RST is received in any state

      net: tcp: Always set ACK bit in RST packet

      net: tcp: Add TCP statistics support

      net: stats: Add UDP checksum stats update function

      net: stats: Activate RPL and MLD stats if needed

      net: stats: IPv6 multicast listener daemon stats not printed

      net: context: Shorten too long line

      net: conn: Check UDP and TCP checksum before accepting packet

      net: conn: Remove unregistered connection from cache

      net: tcp: Set timer for last ACK

      samples: net: http: Remove obsolete files from server sample

      net: tcp: Allow ACK timeout to be configured

      net: tcp: Print current state when ACK timeouts

      net: tcp: Fix comment when ACK timeouts

      net: conn: Check connection address family properly

      net: dhcpv4: Properly register UDP handler

      samples: net: http: Remove Arduino-101 config from server


Justin Watson (3):

      arch: sam3x: update Kconfig options after move to SAM SoC family tree

      arch: arm: Convert Atmel SAM4S series MCU to use ASF

      tests: kernel: Fixed tickless test for Arduino Due.


Kaustav Dey Biswas (10):

      Bluetooth: SDP: Server: Fix MTU setting after l2cap connection

      Bluetooth: SDP: Server: Set security level to NONE

      Bluetooth: SDP: Server: Refactor data element structure header

      Bluetooth: SDP: Server: Handle Service Search request

      Bluetooth: SDP: Server: Filter records based on requested uuids

      Bluetooth: SDP: Server: Send service search response

      Bluetooth: SDP: Server: Handle ServiceAttributeRequest

      Bluetooth: SDP: Server: Find the attributes in the record

      Bluetooth: SDP: Server: Send ServiceAttributeResponse

      Bluetooth: SDP: Server: Support ServiceSearchAttributeRequest


Kumar Gala (112):

      boards: Add panther & panther_ss to sanity

      Merge arm branch into master

      libc: attribute minimal libc printf style functions with __printf_like

      Revert "build: Fix qemugdb target"

      dts/extract_dts_includes.py: Replace cell_prefix to cell_string

      spi: mcux: Rename spi driver to DSPI to match naming convention

      Merge arm branch into master

      Merge "Merge arm branch into master"

      dts/extract_dts_includes.py: Fix IRQ define name creation

      ext: lib: mbedtls: Upgrading mbedTLS library

      dts: arm: Put IRQ priority into the interrupt property

      dts: Remove num-irqs from the arm nvic node

      dts: arm: Rename ARM NVIC compatibility

      dts: arm: rename num-irq-prio-bits property

      arm: dts: Remove !HAS_DTS Kconfig bits

      dts: arm: Drop arm,nvic compatible

      arm: dts: Move common arm includes into a dts system include

      dts: arm: move SoC dtsi into per vendor dir

      Merge arm branch into master

      dts: arm: ti: Use hardcoded addresses in cc32xx_launchxl.dtsi

      Revert "Revert "scripts: devicetree: Handle mixed case node names""

      tests/ztest: rename assert macros to be zephyr specific

      dts: arm: Introduce st/mem.h for FLASH & SRAM sizes

      sanitcheck: add nrf52_blenano2

      serial: mcux: remove bits related to !HAS_DTS

      dts: arm: st: Make flash/sram sizes human readable

      dts: arm: st: Add additional SoCs into mem.h

      dts: arm: ST: Cleanup DTS bits on STM32L4 SoCs

      arm: dts: st: Convert STM32F4 based boards to dts

      arm: dts: st: Convert STM32F1 based boards to dts

      arm: dts: st: Convert STM32F3 based boards to dts

      serial: stm32: remove bits related to !HAS_DTS

      arm: st: dts: remove last !HAS_DTS from stm32 SoCs

      arm: nxp: kl2x: remove HAS_DTS references

      arm: nrf52: Introduce NRF52 SoC Specific config options

      arm: curie_ble: Report curie_ble as a unique board

      arm: dts: Add DTS support for NRF52832 SoC

      unit: Fixup crc unit test for zassert change

      Merge arm branch into master

      lib: json: use explicit unsigned char to avoid array subscript error

      drivers: display: mb_display: Add include of toolchain.h for __printf_like

      tests: app_kernel: limit to systems with >32K of memory

      kernel: include inttypes.h to get access to PRI defines in most spots

      kernel: Convert formatter strings to use PRI defines

      arch: Convert formatter strings to use PRI defines

      drivers/sensor: Convert formatter strings to use PRI defines

      tests: sprintf: cleanup to work with newlib

      Revert "drivers/sensor: Convert formatter strings to use PRI defines"

      Revert "arch: Convert formatter strings to use PRI defines"

      Revert "kernel: Convert formatter strings to use PRI defines"

      Bluetooth: AT: use explicit unsigned char to avoid array subscript error

      Bluetooth: AT: Fix building with newlib

      Bluetooth: AT: Unit: Fixup include search path

      Introduce new sized integer typedefs

      Merge "Merge bluetooth branch into master"

      lib: convert to using newly introduced integer sized types

      boards: convert to using newly introduced integer sized types

      misc: convert to using newly introduced integer sized types

      Bluetooth: convert to using newly introduced integer sized types

      arch: convert to using newly introduced integer sized types

      net: convert to using newly introduced integer sized types

      subsys: convert to using newly introduced integer sized types

      tests: convert to using newly introduced integer sized types

      samples: convert to using newly introduced integer sized types

      drivers: convert to using newly introduced integer sized types

      docs: convert to using newly introduced integer sized types

      Convert remaining code to using newly introduced integer sized types

      checkpatch: update checkpatch to warn about C99 type usage

      kernel: cleanup use of naked unsigned in _new_thread

      kernel: Refactor common _new_thread init code

      kernel: refactor thread_monitor_init into common code

      build: only build gen_idt on x86

      samples: Cleanup uint types in SEGGER SystemView

      kernel: event_logger: convert to using newly introduced integer sized types

      serial: mcux: Shim driver for LPSCI UART on KL25Z

      arm: nxp: kl2x: Move to using UART_MCUX_LPSCI for UART0

      arm: ti: dts: fixup building CC3200 dts

      arm: soc: ti_lm3s6965: remove dead code

      arm: linker: remove unused linker sections

      arm: dts: nrf: Add Device Tree Support for nRF52832 SoC based boards

      arm: dts: nrf: Fixup nRF52840-QIAA SoC support for device tree

      arm: dts: nrf: Add Device Tree Support for nRF52840 SoC & boards

      arm: dts: nrf: Add Device Tree Support for nRF51822 SoC & boards

      arm: dts: nrf: Remove !HAS_DTS Kconfig bits

      serial: uart_stellaris: remove export of uart_stellaris_isr

      arm: dts: ti_lm3s6965: Add Device Tree Support

      arm: dts: ti_lm3s6965: Add device tree support for Stellaris UART

      Merge arm branch into master

      Merge "Merge arm branch into master"

      watchdog: atmel_sam: only build for SAME70

      CI: Fix the git commit range we pass on to gitlint

      drivers: eth_dw: Cleanup use of C99 types

      drivers: ieee802154_kw41z: Cleanup use of C99 types

      net: zoap: Cleanup use of C99 types

      net: Cleanup use of C99 types

      soc: stm32f3/f4/l4: gpio: Fix unnecessary else statement

      arm: dts: Cleanup HAS_DTS

      arm: dts: cleanup HAS_DTS from defconfig

      serial: dts: remove !HAS_DTS related Kconfig

      arm: Fixup sanity check list of boards

      dts/extract_dts_includes.py: Quote strings values

      dts: Add label property to uart.yaml

      arm: stm32: dts: use label to generate STM32 uart name

      arm: nrf: dts: use label to generate NRF uart name

      arm: nxp_kinetis: dts: use label to generate NXP Kinetis uart name

      arm: cmsdk_apb: dts: use label to generate ARM CMSDK APB uart name

      arm: ti: cc32xx: dts: use label to generate TI CC32xx uart name

      arm: ti: stellaris: dts: use label to generate TI Stellaris uart name

      arm: atmel: sam3: dts: use label to generate Atmel SAM3 uart name

      arm: dts: Add zephyr,console to missing device trees

      arm: mps2_an385: remove setting of baud rate in defconfig

      arm: board: Cleanup stm32f4_disco & stm32l496g_disco defconfig


Kuo-Lang Tseng (9):

      aon_counter test: fix misspelling in the header include guard

      samples: i2c_lsm9ds0: change hard-coded device name

      samples: driver: led_apa102c: change hard-coded device name

      samples: fade_led: change hard-coded device name

      samples: blink_led: change hard-coded device name

      samples: drivers: rtc: change hard-coded device nam

      samples: drivers: change hard-coded device name

      samples: i2c_fujitsu: change hard-coded device name

      samples: pwm: change hard-coded device name


Leandro Pereira (20):

      libc: Add isalnum() to ctype.h

      net: tcp: ACK packet should not be forwarded to application

      lib: Add minimal JSON library

      samples: net: NATS protocol sample

      lib: json: Parse nested objects and arrays

      lib: json: Add encoding support

      lib: json: Simplify lexing of "true", "false", and "null" tokens

      lib: json: Do not use translation tables to encode characters

      lib: json: Fix number parsing

      lib: json: Ignore spaces while scanning for tokens

      lib: json: Fix parsing of boolean values

      test: Add test for JSON library

      samples: net/nats: Fix parsing of MSG messages

      misc: Support left-justification in printk()

      kernel: Add thread events to kernel event logger

      debug: Add SEGGER SystemView libraries

      samples: Add SEGGER SystemView sample application

      kconfig: Move debugging-related options from misc/ to subsys/debug/

      drivers: eth_dw: Port to new IP stack

      boards/galileo: Enable ethernet in the default configuration


Lee Jones (24):

      dma: Introduce STM32F4x DMA driver

      dma: Group devices together in Kconfig

      dma: Add possibility for up to 3 DMA Controllers

      dma: stm32f4x: Obtain IRQ priority from Kconfig

      dma: stm32f4x: Obtain controller names from Kconfig

      dma: Expand on documentation for data_size AKA data_width

      serial: stm32: Give H/W a chance to set the TXE bit on transfer

      serial: stm32: Move to more traditional formatting

      dma: Provide generic look-up functions for 'width' and 'burst' register entries

      dma: stm32f4x: Remove superfluous 'config' argument

      dma: stm32f4x: Adapt header file include to match new location

      dma: stm32f4x: Move to new DMA API

      dma: stm32f4x: Add dump regs function to aid debugging

      dma: stm32f4x: Add support for dev-to-mem and mem-to-dev transfers

      dma: stm32f4x: Add .stop() call

      dma: stm32f4x: Use terminology found in the datasheet

      dma: stm32f4x: Remove unused 'id' attribute

      dma: Kconfig: Provide a means to specify sub-channels

      dma: stm32f4x: Pull in sub-channel information from Kconfig

      dma: stm32f4x: Prevent ddata from being directly referenced accidentally

      dma: stm32f4x: Trivial: Prevent >80 char issue and neaten up

      dma: stm32f4x: By default increment pointer through data passed through memory

      dma: Use is_power_of_two() utility instead of hand-rolling

      dma: stm32f4x: Fix warning when !SYS_LOG_INF


Luiz Augusto von Dentz (48):

      kernel: Add k_queue API

      tests: Add queue tests

      fifo: Make use of k_queue as implementation

      lifo: Make use of k_queue as implementation

      Bluetooth: GATT: Use __ASSERT for invalid parameters

      Bluetooth: GATT: Add bt_gatt_get_mtu API

      Bluetooth: L2CAP: Move functions in preparation for queuing

      Bluetooth: L2CAP: Add TX queueing for LE CoC

      net: samples: Enable CONFIG_NET_CONTEXT_NBUF_POOL in prj_bt.conf

      net: bt: Fix setting ll addresses to possible invalid pointers

      net: bt: Place ll address type together with other assignments

      net: bt: Fix memory corruption

      net: if: Don't check NET_IF_UP in net_if_prepare_events

      net: bt: Fix warnings when debug is enabled

      net: if: Make sure k_delayed_work_init is only called once

      net: ipv6: Make sure k_delayed_work_init is only called once

      net: rpl: Make sure k_delayed_work_init is only called once

      Bluetooth: ipsp: Fix checking for NULL pointer

      Bluetooth: L2CAP: Use sys_slist_t for connection channels

      Bluetooth: L2CAP: Use sys_slist_t for server channels

      Bluetooth: L2CAP: Use sys_slist_t for fixed channels


      slist: Add parentesis to container list and node pointer

      net: buf: Generate periodic warnings for allocation that takes too long

      net: buf: Reduce verbosity of net_buf_get


      net: ip: Increase RX stack size

      net: Enable context buffer pool in case TCP and 6LO are enabled

      Bluetooth: GATT: Fix using write command when signing was requested

      Bluetooth: GATT: Be consistent with error in case SMP is disabled

      Bluetooth: L2CAP: Fix accounting SDU header len as data

      Bluetooth: GATT: Use sys_slist_t to represent the database

      Bluetooth: GATT: Fix wrong check for empty database

      x86: Increase RAM_SIZE to 256K

      net: buf: Print pool name if available

      net: ipv6: Fix not initializing delayed work

      net: ipv6: Rework net_ipv6_nbr_add

      slist: Fix sys_slist_merge_slist clearing the wrong list

      Bluetooth: ipsp: Add TX pools for TCP

      Bluetooth: L2CAP: Try to allocate segment from the original pool

      net: buf: Add net_buf_reset

      Bluetooth: L2CAP: Reuse request buffer to respond

      net: bt: Fix leaking TX packets

      Bluetooth: shell: Don't attempt to reuse channel

      Bluetooth: ATT: Respond with not support error for unknown PDUs

      net: bt: Fix not setting lladdr type

      Bluetooth: shell: Fix deadlock when receiving L2CAP packet

      Bluetooth: shell: Remove forward declaration


Maciek Borzecki (5):

      kernel: k_timer_init: use NULL when initializing user data

      kernel: make sure that _thread_entry() declaration matches with definition

      misc: _char_out can be a static symbol

      kernel: make sure that CONFIG_OBJECT_TRACING structs are properly ifdef'ed

      kernel: make _dump_ready_q() static and visible only with CONFIG_KERNEL_DEBUG


Marc Moreno (1):

      samples: Add an MPU test suite


Marcio Montenegro (2):

      doc: Add doc for Redbear Nano 2

      boards: arm: add support for redbear ble nano 2


Marcus Shawcroft (33):

      checkpatch: Recognized volatile as part of a declaration.

      net/nbuf: Fix spelling.

      net/if: Fix documentation comment marker.

      eth/eth_mcux: Provide phy state name printing in debug

      eth/eth_mcux: Provide start and stop operations on the PHY driver.

      net/l2/ieeee802154: Fix typo in ieee802154_reserve name

      net/dhcpv4: Add missing const

      net/dhcpv4: Refactor packet construction

      net/dhcpv4: Refactor dhcpv4 message type representation.

      net/dhcpv4: Move timers inside the net_if dhcpv4 context

      net/dhcpv4: Unify dhcpv4 state name printers

      net/dhcpv4: Adjust state names to reflect rfc2131

      net/dhcpv4: Refactor handle_reply()

      net/dhcpv4: Implement NAK support.

      net/dhcpv4: Explicitly initialize net_if dhcpv4 state.

      net/dhcpv4: Refactor send_request state handling.

      net/dhcpv4: Refactor send_discover

      net/dhcpv4: Refactor SELECTING state entry.

      net/dhcpv4: Refactor REQUESTING state entry.

      net/dhcpv4: Rework initialization.

      net/dhcpv4: Introduce start/stop API and disabled state.

      net/dhcpv4: Call net_if_ipv4_addr_rm

      net/dhcpv4: Use server identifier appropriately.

      net/dhcpv4: Use BROADCAST and UNICAST appropriately.

      net/dhcpv4: Fix the behaviour of ciaddr.

      net/dhcpv4: Remove !iface checks from timeout handlers.

      net/dhcpv4: Refactor t1 handler.

      net/dhcpv4: Support REBINDING

      eth/eth_mcux: Make promiscous mode configurable.

      eth/mcux: Fix Kconfig help formatting.

      eth/mcux: Turn down the PHY debug verbosity.

      net: shell: Fix missing return when IPv6 disabled

      samples: net: echo-server: Fix conditional around net_if_ipv4_addr_add()


Mariusz Skamra (2):

      Bluetooth: L2CAP: Fix TX queueing for LE CoC

      Bluetooth: tester: Fix UART issue on qemu


Marti Bolivar (18):

      arm: cortex-m: allow configurable ROM offset

      net/buf.h: fix copy-paste Doxygen error

      zephyr-env.sh: fix stale comment

      zephyr-env.sh: unset PWD_OPT after using it

      zephyr-env.sh: only reset scripts_path on Windows

      toolchain: allow compiler to provide BUILD_ASSERT

      toolchain: add BUILD_ASSERT_MSG()

      toolchain: override static assertions for GCC

      printk: add missing __printf_like attributes

      printk: add vprintk()

      net/mqtt: fix race condition in mqtt_init()

      lib: json: add JSON_OBJ_DESCR_PRIM

      tests: json: use JSON_OBJ_DESCR_PRIM

      lib: json: escape strings in-place

      tests: json: add json_escape() tests

      clock_control: stm32: factor out HSI switch code

      clock_control: stm32: fix a PLL init corner case

      doc: board_porting: add note about sanity_chk


Mateusz Hołenko (1):

      net: 6lo: Fix handling SAM_00 mode for packets with context


Matthias Ringwald (1):

      Bluetooth: Controller: Kconfig company id and subversion number


Maureen Helm (29):

      section_tags.h: Remove unused security_frdm_k64f_section

      Bluetooth: samples: Add hexiwear_k64 and frdm_k64f to tests

      fxos8700: Use SYS_LOG_ERR instead of SYS_LOG_DBG for errors

      fxos8700: Add support for temperature

      samples: fxos8700: Switch to generic SYS_LOG_SENSOR_LEVEL

      samples: fxos8700: Add support for temperature

      ext: mcux: Update to mcux 2.1 for k64

      ext: mcux: Update to mcux 2.2 for k64

      sensor: fxas21002: Add gyroscope driver

      hexiwear_k64: Add support for fxas21002 gyroscope

      samples: Add fxas21002 sample application

      samples: fxos8700: Update doc references and sample output

      fxos8700: Fix Kconfig help indentation

      ext: mcux: Add mcux 2.2 for kl25z

      include: Remove unused k20 and k6x header files

      sensor: Introduce red and green light sensor channels

      sensor: max30101: Add heart rate sensor driver

      hexiwear_k64: Add support for max30101 heart rate sensor

      samples: Add max30101 sample application

      hexiwear_k64: Update doc with new sensors and pinmuxing

      ext: mcux: Import ksdk 1.3 device header files for kw40z

      ext: mcux: Adapt ksdk 1.3 for kw40z to work with mcux 2.x drivers

      kw40z: Add kw40z SoC

      hexiwear_kw40z: Add hexiwear_kw40z board

      samples: nfc_hello: Add CONFIG_SERIAL=y to project conf

      sanitycheck: Add hexiwear_kw40z

      scripts: Add support for 'make debug' using Segger JLink on NXP boards

      scripts: Add flash and debug support using pyOCD on NXP boards

      doc: Update NXP board docs for pyOCD and Segger J-Link


Max Filippov (9):

      xtensa_sim_console: fix simcall

      xtensa: conditionally define endianness macros

      xtensa: use -mlongcalls instead of --longcalls

      toolchain: don't define __stack outside C code

      xtensa: move #include <linker/common-*.ld> up

      Makefile.toolchain.zephyr: fix xtensa support

      xtensa: use inline assembly instead of XT_* macros

      xtensa: make sample_controller runnable on QEMU

      xtensa: drop references to C library


Mazen NEIFER (8):

      Xtensa port: Moved coporcessor context area inside struct _k_thread

      sanitycheck: Let waitpid script kill Xtensa ISS if user hits ctrl+c.

      xtensa port: Fixed crash on startup on CP enabled cores

      xtensa port: Clear the CP descriptor of new created thread.

      xtensa port: Added documentation for xt-sim board.

      xtensa port: Fixed compilation error introduced by recent changes.

      xtensa port: Removed XRC_D2PM SoC configuration

      xtensa port: Fixed crash on interrupt handlers when logger is enabled.


Michael R Rosen (1):

      flash: enable flash bank 1 for arc on quark se c1000


Michael Scott (16):

      net: context: let tcp_established() handle more TCP states

      net: tcp: fix NET_TCP_CLOSED state propagatation

      net: tcp: remove net_tcp_set_state() function

      net: ip: Fix 6lo buffer leak when sending ACK

      net: 6lo: Fix typo in compress bit calculation

      net/http: let HTTP_SERVER, HTTP_CLIENT and HTTP_PARSER select HTTP

      net/mqtt: combine mqtt_parser for PUBLISHER and SUBSCRIBER

      net/mqtt: use rlen to calculate # of QoS items in SUBACK packet

      net/mqtt: cleanup TX function unref handling

      net/mqtt: return error codes from net_context_send

      slist/dlist: container node can't be NULL in *_PEEK_NEXT_CONTAINER

      bluetooth: host: fix compile break with CONFIG_ASSERT in gatt.c

      Bluetooth: controller: verify DLE req_rsp has valid values

      Bluetooth: controller: nix #ifdefs from packet_rx_acquired_count_get()

      Bluetooth: controller: remove dup code in packet_rx_reserve_get()

      tests/zoap: fix net_pkt leak in test_observer_client()


Michał Kruszewski (2):

      scripts:nrf: Add 'make flash' for nrf boards.

      device: Fix DEVICE_DECLARE macro to be usable inside drivers source code.


Milosz Wasilewski (1):

      tests: added TC_START to tests


Mitul Shah (1):

      net: context: Fixing bug in net context put flow


Neil Armstrong (16):

      pinmux: stm32: Do not compile PORTD when not available

      arm: stm32l4: Add configuration and dts for STM32L432XX

      pinmux: stm32: Add support for Nucleo L432KC

      boards: arm: Add support for Nucleo L432KC

      pinmux: stm32l4x: Fix USART 2 pinmux for nucleo-l432kc

      arm: stm32l432: Switch to STM32L432XC to retain flash size

      ext: stm32cube: update stm32l4xx cube version

      arm: stm32l4: Add configuration and dts for STM32L496

      boards: arm: Add support for STM32L496G Discovery board

      arm: Add dts for STM32F407

      arm: Add support for STM32F4DISCOVERY Board

      stm32f4: Add support for STM32F469XI

      boards: arm: Add support for STM32F469I-DISCO

      flash_stm32f4: RDERR is not present on STM32F407

      flash_stm32f4: bits were badly unset in erase and write functions

      flash: Rework and add flash device support for STM32L4x SoCs


Patrice Buriez (7):

      doc: add dfu-util to Linux dependencies

      scripts: add support script for 'make flash' over DFU

      boards: arduino_101: support 'make flash' over DFU

      doc: arduino_101: document 'make flash' over DFU

      doc: arduino_101: fix typos/mistakes, and clarify some points

      scripts/dfuutil: support both "alternate setting" name and number

      build: use -O2 instead of -Os for ARC with SDK 0.9


Patrik Flykt (3):

      net/trickle: Include net_core.h in order to define NET_ASSERT

      crc16: Create function for computing CRC 16

      unit: Create ztest unit test for CRC16 functionality


Paul Sokolovsky (33):

      gpio: mcux: Revert to older GPIO device names as were used for Kinetis.

      include/zephyr.h: Define __ZEPHYR__ if not already.

      net: context: Check if conn_handler exists when binding

      arch/arm/core: In comments, consistently refer to "Cortex-M".

      drivers: eth_enc28j60: Clarify comments in the header file.

      scripts: sanitycheck: Typo fixes in docstring.

      net: connection: Move proto2str() to utils.c, rename to net_proto2str()

      net: context: For bind debug logging, include context protocol.

      subsys: console: Add pull-style console API support.

      docs: networking: Suggest to stop QEMU-related networking daemons.

      subsys/console: Yield on char availability.

      doc: kernel_event_logger: Update constant names to the current.

      subsys/logging: sys_event_logger_get: Fix k_sem_take() success check.

      net: Elaborate output of net_nbuf_print_frags() to be more useful.

      net: buf: Document that after data, structure may contain "user_data"

      net: shell: conn: Dump local/remote ports for contexts.

      Revert "serial: stm32: Give H/W a chance to set the TXE bit on transfer"

      net: net_pkt_append: Refactor to return length of data actually added

      net: Switch to common values for SOCK_STREAM, SOCK_DGRAM

      samples: net: dns_resolve: Clarify that DNS queries aren't immediate

      net: shell: Make shell commands non-static to allow reuse.

      tests: uart_basic_api: Don't assume we can drink from IRQ firehose.

      stm32: Don't perform any side effects in irq_update().

      kernel: queue, fifo: Add cancel_wait operation.

      kernel: errno: Use per-thread accessor function compatible with Newlib

      tests: kernel: errno: Add Newlib test config.

      net: if: Clean up docstrings in header file

      drivers: serial: Clarify usage of TX/RX IRQ predicates.

      subsys: console: Add buffered output support to console subsystem

      net: tcp: Add TCP sequence number comparison compliant with RFC793.

      net: if: net_if_get_default: Return NULL if no interfaces configured

      net: tcp: Handle retransmitted packets from peer.

      net: tcp: When sending FIN, make sure it goes with ACK and proper seq


Piotr Mienkowski (27):

      doc: Add Atmel SMART SAM E70 Xplained board documentation

      drivers: Update Atmel SAM family GMAC Ethernet driver

      flash: openocd: make 'make flash' target work without Zephyr SDK

      scripts: openocd.sh: align usage of OPENOCD_*_CMD variables

      arch: Atmel SAM E70: remove now redundant IRQ id defines

      drivers: eth_sam_gmac: remove possible null pointer dereference

      drivers: eth_sam_gmac: Fix initialization order

      drivers: i2c: rename I2C_CLOCK_SPEED Kconfig option

      drivers: i2c: place all I2C Kconfig options in submenu

      drivers: eth_sam_gmac: Make sure not to leak net_buf in RX

      boards: sam_e70_xplained: set GPNVM1 bit when flashing

      drivers: i2c: rename IRQ SHARED/DIRECT Kconfig options

      drivers: Add Atmel SAM family I2C (TWIHS) driver

      drivers: Add Atmel SAM serial (UART) driver

      drivers: Extend Atmel SAM GPIO driver

      drivers: eth_sam_gmac: clean up after net_nbuf to net_pkt change

      drivers: eth_sam_gmac: support reading MAC from I2C EEPROM

      boards: sam_e70_xplained: read MAC from I2C EEPROM by default

      samples: net: remove redundant Kconfig options for sam_e70_xplained

      drivers: i2c: clean up Kconfig file

      arm: dts: Add DTS support for SAME70 SoC

      ext: Import Atmel SAM4S header files from ASF library

      arch: atmel_sam: enhance gpio driver to support sam3x

      arch: sam3x: Use ASF library

      arch: same70: hide soc.h defines from assembler

      drivers: uart_sam: Configure TX pins for SAME70 only

      drivers: eth_sam_gmac: Fix fragment ordering in RX


Piyush Itankar (2):

      Bluetooth: A2DP: Stream End Point Registration

      Bluetooth: A2DP: Added Preset Structure


Punit Vara (1):

      boards: arduino_due: Add make flash support


Qiu Peiyang (8):

      tests: add zephyr uart driver api test case

      tests: add zephyr SPI driver api test case

      tests: add zephyr pinmux driver api test case

      tests: fix disabling of GPIO interrupt issue

      tests/gpio: enable gpio cases to run on more platforms

      tests: drivers: spi: fix variable type mismatches

      tests: driver: uart: fix unchecked return value

      tests: aio: port AIO cases to run on more platforms


Ramesh Thomas (9):

      kernel: tickless: Add function to check if list contains multiple nodes

      kernel: tickless: Rename _Swap to allow creation of macro

      kernel: tickless: Add tickless kernel support

      timer: tickless: hpet: Add tickless kernel support

      timer: tickless: loapic: Add tickless kernel support

      timer: tickless: cortex_m: Add tickless kernel support

      timer: tickless: arcv2: Add tickless kernel support

      samples: tickless: Enables tickless kernel option in some apps

      samples: power: Time is passed as milliseconds in tickless kernel


Ravi kumar Veeramally (68):

      net: context: Fix invalid order of statements

      drivers: slip: Remove unused variables

      drivers: slip: Add more comments for slip write scenario

      drivers: slip: Skip buffer allocation for incomplete packet

      net: tcp: Retransmit buffers are not freed on tcp_release

      net: icmpv6: Remove unused variable 'len' from input calls

      net: icmpv6: Remove unnecessary cache pointers for src and dst

     net: icmpv6: Simplify debug calls

      net: icmpv6: Return valid verdict in case of success

      net: core: Fix missing verdict assignment

      net: core: Do not handle RPL options if RPL not enabled

      net: core: Remove duplicate calls

      net: core: Fix IPv6 extra header options handling

      net: 6lo: Fix incorrect order of HLIM and NH compression

      net: 6lo: Fix invalid hoplimit uncompression

      net: 6lo: Fix tiny style and comments issues

      net: 6lo: Fix invalid check on context id

      net: 6lo: Fix compress bit calculation

      net: core: Fix IPv6 RPL extension parsing

      net: rpl: Add RPL header revert utility

      net: ipv6: Fix handling of RA 6CO options

      net: icmpv6: Add support for HBH and RPL option handling

      net: context: Fix setting of appdata ptr and length

      net: rpl: Fix compilation warnings about format specifier

      net: rpl: Add API to access default rpl instance

      net: Modify IPv4/6 packet finalize API's

      net: samples: leds_demo: Fix memory leak

      net: zoap: Fix memory leak

      net: rpl: Handle verdict properly for forwarding_dao

      net: rpl: Add missing Kconfig option

      net: rpl: Fix invalid reading of RPL Transmit information

      net: rpl: Fix setting metadata of forwarding buffer

      net: rpl: Cache src and dst addresses for DAO ACK reply

      net: rpl: Fix verdict for handle_dao_ack

      net: route: Fix when route not found with dst address

      net: if: Fix triggering interface link call back

      net: icmpv6: Remove unnecessary cache ptrs for src and dst

      net: rpl: Align Kconfig options properly

      net: rpl: Add support for handling of DAO ACK

      net: rpl: Fix invalid parsing of DAO message

      net: rpl: Fix invalid parsing of DIO message

      net: rpl: Fix DAO ACK reply

      net: rpl: Fix invalid nbr lookup

      net: rpl: Add support for DAO retransmissions

      net: rpl: Move net_route_lookup to proper place

      net: nbr: Fix miss calculation of nbr size

      net: if: Fix missing submission of router lifetime timer

      net: route: Fix retrieving route nexthop

      net: route: Update IPv6 packet routing mechanism

      net: event: Add events for ROUTE ADD and DEL

      net: rpl: Refactor net_rpl_update_header function

      net: rpl: Refactor few rpl functions

      net: rpl: Return valid verdict

      net: shell: Fix crash when retrieving remaining reachable time

      net: rpl: Fix rpl header update

      net: zoap: Refactor zoap utilities

      net: zoap: Fix memory overflow issue

      net: zoap: Remove unused helper function

      net: zoap: Prepare and send error response separately

      net: zoap: Add timeout while requesting packets

      net: zoap: Remove magic number

      net: zoap: Minor comment style fixes

      net: zoap: Remove unused struct definition

      net: zoap: Add block wise support for well-known response

      net: ipv6: Use correct API to remove router

      net: rpl: Fix router when it's timer expires

      net: rpl: Fix invalid usage of router addition api

      net: samples: Use correct API to get net pkt length


Ricard Salveti (1):

      boards: 96b_carbon_nrf51: add support for 96Boards Carbon nRF51 chip


Ricardo Salveti (6):

      scripts/dfuutil: add support for DfuSe devices

      boards: 96b_carbon: support 'make flash' over DFU

      doc: add dfu-util to Mac OS dependencies

      boards: add 96b_carbon board documentation

      boards: add 96b_nitrogen board documentation

      nrf_rtc_timer: clear events and counter when disabling sys_clock


Rishi Khare (2):

      frdm: fixed path and dependencies for extract_dts_includes.py

      kernel tests: fatal: added "ignore_faults" tag


Roger Lendenmann (2):

      arm: spi: spi master support for nrf52 family

      sensor: lis2dh: Add support for lis2dh accelerometer


Ruslan Mstoi (1):

      drivers: slip: escape SLIP special characters in headers too


Sathish Narasimman (14):

      Bluetooth: AT: Fix 'signed' warning

      Bluetooth: HFP HF: Handling AG Network error

      Bluetooth: HFP HF: SCO: Add esco supported pkt type

      Bluetooth: HFP HF: SCO: Accept eSCO conn request

      Bluetooth: HFP HF: SCO: Handle synchronous_conn_complete

      Bluetooth: SCO: Rename 'conn' to 'acl'

      Bluetooth: HFP HF: SCO: Handle SCO Disconnect

      Bluetooth: HFP HF: SCO Initiate Audio connection

      Bluetooth: AT: Fix reset the state during error

      Bluetooth: AT: Unit test application init

      Bluetooth: HFP HF: Lookup table for unsolicited commands

      Bluetooth: HFP HF: Add support for RING indication cb

      Bluetooth: HFP HF: Support to send hf AT command

      Bluetooth: AT: Fix - chance of missing UNSOLICITED state


Sergio Rodriguez (6):

      tests: watchdog: Interrupt reset mode modifications

      samples: mbedtls: Fixing entropy source

      drivers: dma_qmsi: Wait few cycles to allow DMA controller changes

      samples: mbedtls coap: Fixing entropy source

      samples: mbedTLS coap: Cleaning prj.conf for QEMU

      tests: kernel: test_pend: Porting legacy tests to unified kernel


Sharron LIU (9):

      tests: kernel: added test case k_is_preempt_thread

      tests: kernel: added test case k_fifo_is_empty

      tests: kernel: add test point k_delayed_work_remaining_get

      tests: kernel: added testapp profiling_api

      tests: kernel: added test cases k_pipe_block_put

      tests: kernel: added clock_test

      tests: kernel: add test point k_cpu_atomic_idle

      tests: kernel: add tickless test

      tests:kernel: added tests for printk left justifier


Souvik K Chakravarty (2):

      watchdog: Add WDT driver for Atmel SAM SoCs

      soc: defconfig: Enable WDT for ATMEL SAM MCUs


Szymon Janc (9):

      Bluetooth: shell: Fix accessing invalid memory

      Bluetooth: shell: Fix typo

      Bluetooth: SMP: Fix passkey entry for legacy pairing

      Bluetooth: shell: Don't echo LE CoC data

      Bluetooth: Fix connection object leak

      Bluetooth: shell: Simplify indication in gatt-subscribe

      Bluetooth: shell: Fix GATT long write support

      Bluetooth: GATT: Remove not needed variable

      Bluetooth: GATT: Fix subscriptions removal


Tomasz Bursztyka (105):

      net: Fix stack type

      net/utils: Fix parameters type

      samples/ieee802154: Update qemu based samples

      net: Switch from per-iface tx thread to a unique k_poll triggered one

      drivers/net/ieee802154: Display the wrong channel setting in error msg

      net/ieee802154: Display which channel is being scanned

      net/ieee802154: Use pre-filled link address as ll target

      net/ieee802154: Add missing line breaks in the shell module

      net/ieee802154: Fix net mgmt request to get core settings

      net/mgmt: Add a function to wait on a event synchronously

      net/mgmt: Add a network interface based synchronous event listener

      tests/net/mgmt: Add 2 unit tests around synchronous event listeners.

      net/mgmt: Remove a useless k_sem_init() and use K_SEM_DEFINE instead

      net/mgmt: Remove the list node before unlocking the semaphore

      drivers/ieee802154: Remove very old CC2520 left-over from µIP stack

      net/ipv6: Regroup debugging routines relevantly

      net/ipv6: Renaming IPv6 neighbor state related macros and function

      net/shell: Simplify ping logic

      net/icpmv4: Add dynamically registered ICMPv4 handlers

      net/shell: Add ping reply handlers and a timeout

      net/icmpv4: Normalize input function signature with ipv6 counter-part

      net/samples: Add static ipv4 addresses for arduino 101 echo apps config

      net/ipv6: Fix a NULL dereferencing issue when debug is enabled

      net/net_if: When IPv6 DAD is disabled, added address gets final state

      net/ieee802154: Add Auxiliary Security Header definitions

      net/ieee802154: Parse and validate auxiliary security header

      net/ieee802154: Change function signature for future change

      net/ieee802154: Normalize one parameter to make it clearer

      net/ieee802154: Add generic support for link layer cipher operations

      net/ieee802154: Provide the means to create secured data frames

      net/ieee802154: Provide the means to decipher data frames

      net/ieee802154: Integrate link-layer security relevantly

      net/ieee802154: Add net mgmt requests to set/get security settings

      drivers/ieee802154: Adding support for CC2520 ccm crypto

      tests/net/ieee802154: Add a simple CC2520 crypto dev test

      net/ieee802154: Expose auxiliary security header validation function

      net: Rename Kconfig.samples and its main option for future changes

      net: Add 802.15.4 useful Kconfig application settings

      net/ieee802154: Rename <SET/GET>_CHAN to <SET/GET>_CHANNEL

      samples/net: Uses CONFIG_NET_APP_IEEE802154_* options relevantly

      samples/net: Remove the need for IEEE 802.15.4 stack in wpan serial

      net/ieee802154: Remove ORFD choice altogether.

      net/samples: Add 802.15.4 link-layer security settings for the samples

      tests/net/ieee802154: Switch l2 to ztest framework

      tests/net/ieee802154: Add a unit test for secured data frame validation

      net/ieee802154: We don't get the MFR from device drivers

      net/samples/ieee802154: Making hw sample simpler

      net/ieee802154: Simplify data FS settings function signature

      net/ieee802154: Use context's extended address when generating frame

      net/ieee802154: Use context instead of interface to reduce stack usage

      net/ieee802154: Disable ACK reply handling by default

      net/ieee802154: Remove useless __packed annotation

      net/mgmt: Mask vs event should be verified part by part

      net/arp: Return relevant verdict if the ARP packet was consumed

      net/core: Fix wrong parameter usage for check_unknown_option()

      tests/net: MQTT tests should be under lib

      tests/net: arp_input() unref the buffer on success

      net: Make sure IP layer events have fully differentiated layer code

      net/ieee802154: aux sec header frame counter is in little endian

      net/nbuf: Add an attribute to store/get IEEE 802.15.4 RSSI on RX

      drivers/ieee802154/cc2520: Set the current rx frame RSSI into its nbuf

      net/ieee802154: Fixing a typo in net_mgmt settings accessor

      net/ieee802154: Expose TX power setting through net mgmt API

      net/ieee802154: Add a Kconfig option to set a default tx power

      net/ieee802154/samples: Add a Kconfig option to tweak the TX power

      net/ieee802154: Add ieee15_4 shell module functions to set/get tx power

      net: Renaming net nbuf API to net pkt API

      net/net_pkt: Fully separate struct net_pkt from struct net_buf

      net_pkt: Removing legacy net_dir

      net_pkt: Externalize ext_bitmap handling

      net_pkt: Reordering the attributes for better alignment

      net: Rename all *_BUF() macros to *_HDR()

      net_pkt: Let's make all IPv6 related attributes prefixed with ipv6_

      drivers/spi: Get QMSI shim driver following syntax rules

      drivers/gpio: Use ifdef relevantly in DW drivers

      arch/arc/soc: If IOAPIC is not enabled, gpio_dw should still compile

      gpio: Align pin parameter type in configure with all other functions

      drivers/Kconfig: Cleanup Kconfig

      drivers/crypto: Use a proper driver name for TinyCrypt shim driver

      drivers/crypto: Make ataes132a's Kconfig following syntax rules

      drivers/crypto: Prefix source code relevantly

      crypto: Remove useless attribute

      drivers/crypto: Use sys_log automatic newline addition in tinycrypt shim

      drivers/crypto: Make tc shim number of sessions Kconfig based

      drivers/crypto: Use crypto init Kconfig option for tc shim driver

      drivers/crypto: Fix a memory leak in tc shim driver

     samples/crypto: Fix memory leaks

      samples/crypto: Use sys_log properly

      net/net_if: Do not start TX thread if there is no network interface

      doc/kernel: Fix polling documentation

      drivers/spi: Apply syntax rules on DW drivers

      arch/x86/quark_se: Let the possibility to use native SPI driver

      api: New SPI API

      drivers/spi: Adapt DW driver to new SPI API

      samples: Add an SPI driver test application

      drivers/spi: Add reentrance support to DW driver in a generic manner

      drivers/spi: Handle synchronous calls in a generic manner in DW driver

      api: Add asynchronous call support to SPI API

      drivers/spi: Add support for async call in DW driver in a generic way

      samples/spi: Add an asynchronous call test

      api/spi: Add 2 specific control bits for special use cases.

      drivers/spi: Handle ressource locking and release in DW driver

      samples/spi: Add a quick test for spi_release() API function

      drivers/spi: Handle SPI_HOLD_ON_CS in spi context through gpio

      api/spi: Add EEPROM configuration bit


Vinayak Chettimada (64):

      drivers: serial: nrf5: Fix system off pin configuration

      Bluetooth: Controller: Use direct ISR for Radio IRQ only

      Bluetooth: Controller: Fix LE Ping PDU dispatch

      Bluetooth: Controller: Run all enqueued mayfly before disable

      Bluetooth: Controller: Kconfig option to set public address

      Bluetooth: Controller: Fix assert on role stop/abort

      Bluetooth: Controller: mayfly enable to supercede over disable

      Bluetooth: Controller: Fix RSSI feature conditional compilation

      Bluetooth: Controller: Add advertisement event indication feature

      Bluetooth: Controller: Add Kconfig range check for public address

      Bluetooth: Controller: Version 5.0 and PDU type rename

      Bluetooth: controller: Use explicit paths to internal headers

      Bluetooth: controller: Move bt_rand into separate file

      Bluetooth: Make LE Encrypt helpers public

      Bluetooth: controller: Replace 0 for pointers with NULL keyword

      Bluetooth: Fix checks for changes in connection parameters

      Bluetooth: Support connection parameter update as central

      Bluetooth: shell: Reorder commands in logical order of use

      Bluetooth: shell: Add connection update command

      Bluetooth: controller: Move PDU macros from radio.h to pdu.h

      Bluetooth: controller: Cleanup makefiles

      Bluetooth: controller: Fix mayfly caller id for thread call path

      Bluetooth: controller: Fix race waiting for ticker job to complt

      Bluetooth: controller: Kconfig for advanced event preparation

      Bluetooth: controller: Kconfig option for advanced scheduling

      Bluetooth: controller: Hide advance features in Kconfig

      Bluetooth: controller: Move comp id and subver to configuration

      Bluetooth: Kconfig: Move BLUETOOTH_CONTROLLER to Controller file

      Bluetooth: Kconfig: Group stack size related options

      Bluetooth: Kconfig: Group HCI_RAW related options

      Bluetooth: Kconfig: Move BLUETOOTH_MAX_SCO_CONN to BR/EDR

      Bluetooth: Compile BR/EDR independent of BLUETOOTH_CONN check

      Bluetooth: Permit connectionless host-controller combined build

      Bluetooth: controller: Cleanup redundant ticker busy loop

      Bluetooth: controller: Move nRF5 specific debug pins to hal/nrf5

      Bluetooth: controller: Remove util/config.h

      Bluetooth: controller: Make worker and job priority configurable

      Bluetooth: controller: Add BT 5.0 PDU structs

      Bluetooth: controller: Group dup filter Kconfig with buf options

      Bluetooth: controller: Use defined keyword in #if cond compiles

      drivers: pwm: Add nRF5x GPIOTE based PWM driver

      Bluetooth: controller: Rename channel/chnl to chan

      Bluetooth: HCI: Add Bluetooth 5.0 FeatureSet field's bit mapping

      Bluetooth: Fix missing LE conn param req bit in set LE evt mask

      Bluetooth: controller: Support BT 5.0 feature set bit fields

      Bluetooth: controller: Channel Selection Algorithm #2

      Bluetooth: l2cap: Dont use BT namespace in internal MPS/MTU macro

      Bluetooth: l2cap: Decouple segmentation size

      Bluetooth: l2cap: Use global conn tx pool for segmentation

      Bluetooth: controller: Low Duty Cycle Directed Advertising

      Bluetooth: controller: Explicit AC and DC packet configure

      Bluetooth: hci: Consistently use bt_hci_evt_*

      Bluetooth: controller: Rename ll_address_* to ll_addr_*

      Bluetooth: controller: Introduce s/w based TRX switching

      Bluetooth: controller: Add Kconfig options for states and roles

      Bluetooth: controller: Refactor LL Adv state to ll_adv.c file

      Bluetooth: controller: Refactor LL Scan state to ll_scan.c file

      Bluetooth: controller: Refactor LL Master role to ll_master.c

      Bluetooth: controller: Conditionally compile slave role HCI cmds

      Bluetooth: controller: Cond. compile connection state HCI cmds

      Bluetooth: controller: Scan Request Notifications

      Bluetooth: Fix HCI LE Set PHY cmd parameters

      Bluetooth: controller: Allow multiple ctrl pkt enqueue

      Bluetooth: controller: PHY Update Procedure


Vinayak Kariappa Chettimada (14):

      Bluetooth: controller: Remove unreferenced hci_evt_is_discardable

      Bluetooth: Add LE Features test macro

      Bluetooth: Fix PHY related HCI param values

      Bluetooth: Add PHY auto-update to 2Mbps on connection

      Bluetooth: controller: Revert cleanup redundant ticker busy loop

      Bluetooth: controller: Fix missing PHY update cond. compilation

      Bluetooth: controller: Fix tests conf file to cover new features

      Bluetooth: kconfig: Use menu instead of menuconfig

      Bluetooth: Print PHY update complete with status

      Bluetooth: l2cap: Fix initial credit calculaton for MTU < MPS

      Bluetooth: shell: Add L2CAP throughput measurement

      Bluetooth: controller: Increase Rx & Tx buf cnt range in Kconfig

      Bluetooth: shell: Add GATT write cmd throughput measurement

      Bluetooth: Fix auto PHY update on connection


Vincenzo Frascino (27):

      arm: core: Update core to use struct k_thread

      kernel: Add stack_info to k_thread

      arm: soc: beetle: Add regions for mpu configuration

      arm: core: Add MPU parameter to the arm core

      arm: core: mpu: Add ARM MPU support

      soc: arm: beetle: Add Initial MPU Support

      board: arm: v2m_beetle: Enable MPU by default

      soc: arm: stm32f4: Add Initial MPU Support

      boards: 96b_carbon: Add MPU support

      boards: nucleo_f401re: Add MPU support

      boards: nucleo_f411re: Add MPU support

      dts: mps2_an385: Initial device tree support

      dts: v2m_beetle: Generate Uart base addr

      dts: v2m_beetle: Add WDOG support

      dts: v2m_beetle: Add Timer support

      dts: v2m_beetle: Add DualTimer support

      dts: v2m_beetle: Add GPIO support

      dts: mps2_an385: Add ARM CMSDK support

      boards: v2m_beetle: Add OpenOCD for debugging

      arm: soc: nxp k6x: Add Initial support for NXP MPU

      arm: core: mpu: Add arm core MPU interface

      arm: core: mpu: Add core support to ARM MPU

      arm: core: mpu: Add core MPU implementation

      arm: core: Integrate thread stack guard feature

      samples: synch: Add Thread Stack Guards conf

      samples: Add mpu stack guard test

      samples: mpu_test: Add controller specific write


Vinicius Costa Gomes (11):

      samples/zoap_server: Remove useless return statements

      samples/zoap_server: Add more validation tests for block-wise

      samples/zoap_server: Add a test case for the observer feature

      samples/zoap_server: Adds example for the link-format feature

      tests/zoap: Adds test for the length of payload on the RX side

      iot/zoap: Fix requiring that the buffer is unchanged for retransmit

      samples/zoap_server: Add retransmissions for CON messages

      samples/zoap_client: Fix using the wrong timeout for retransmissions

      build: Fix qemugdb target

      lib/zoap: Fix warning about signedness conversion

      samples/coaps_server: Don't error if the packet doesn't have payload


Wayne Ren (1):

      arc: Fix the bug in _load_callee_saved_regs


Wojciech Bober (9):

      drivers/timer: Rework the nRF RTC driver.

     ext: Import Nordic 802.15.4 radio driver

      ext: Integrate Nordic's 802.15.4 radio driver into Zephyr

      drivers/net/ieee802154: nRF5 802.15.4 radio driver

      samples/net: ieee802154: Add configuration for nrf5

      samples/net/ieee802154: Update example with nrf5 802.15.4

      drivers/ieee802154: Add missing parameter to net_if_set_link_addr()

      drivers/ieee802154: Added RAW mode support to nRF5 radio driver

      drivers/ieee802154: Added RAW device to nRF5 radio driver


Wu Jiequan (4):

      tests: net: Add mqtt testcases

      samples: net: http_server: Add bt test and arduino 101 support

      net: coaps_server: add prj_arduino_101.conf file

      net: zoap_server: Unify Makefile and add prj file


Yannis Damigos (5):

      olimexino_stm32: provide button and leds for basic samples

      dts: arm: Add base DTS support for Olimexino STM32 board

      olimexino_stm32: Enable DT usage for OLIMEXINO STM32

      boards/arm/olimexino_stm32: Add documentation files

      boards/arm/olimexino_stm32: add openocd file


Youvedeep Singh (8):

      debug: Remove dependency of unsetting X86_IAMCU for CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO.

      test_sleep: replacing depreciated APIs with new one.

      test_sleep: move test_sleep from tests/legacy/kernel to tests/kernel

      test_tickless: replacing depreciated APIs with new one.

      test_tickless: Change test_tickless location to tests/kernel/test_tickless/

      cdc_acm : Restrict writing more than 4 bytes into TX USB Endpoint.

      tests: aio: Change reference voltage for AIO

      aio: Add delay after power change to Analog Comparator.


ethan gao (1):

      tests: add AES cmac test to mbedtls test


fallrisk (4):

      arch: Moved Atmel SAM3 into the SAM SoC family tree.

      arch: Moved atmel_sam3 to atmel_sam3x.

      boards: arduino_due: Added DTS to the Arduino Due.

      arch: Add Atmel SAM4S SoC support


june li (5):

      net: tcp: Add tcp options length

      net: tcp: Start retry timer when queueing data

      net: tcp: Release buf after failing to send

      net: tcp: Do buf ref when resending a segment

      net: l2: Clear arp cache when disable interface.


kontais (2):

      board stm3210c_eval openocd cfg file

      stm32f4/arm_mpu_mem_cfg.h compile error fix


xiaorui hu (1):

      net: context: set tcp app data len when sending packets


Øyvind Hovdsveen (1):

      drivers/timer: Fixing issue in nRF RTC driver when RTC handler is blocked.