West v0.9.1 (use v0.10.0 instead)

Bolivar, Marti


I'm announcing west v0.9.1, which nobody (sic) should use.

We're recommending everybody upgrade to v0.10.0 instead:


Bit of an odd situation, you say? Keep reading if you're interested in
details, otherwise please click the above link for the v0.10.0

Due to the manifest schema changes made in v0.10.0, some of west
v0.9.x's behavior is now deprecated.

The main purpose of the v0.9.1 release is to emit warnings whenever
the deprecated behavior occurs and recommend upgrading to west v0.10.0
or later.

This deprecation does not affect mainline Zephyr's manifest file; it
will only affect you if you use 'import:' on a manifest file that uses
the 'group-filter:' key. If you're not sure, you're almost certainly
not affected by this change.

Please feel free to ask for help on the users mailing list or in the
#west channel on Slack if you need more information:


We're bothering with this release in case people have configured their
requirements.txt files to install the latest v0.9.x. By releasing
v0.9.1, these affected users should see the relevant warnings.

Release links:


To upgrade (but please don't; use v0.10.0 or later instead):

Ubuntu: pip3 install --user west==0.9.1
Windows/macoS: pip3 install west==0.9.1

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release's development,
testing, documentation, and review!



Martí Bolívar (6):
__init__: add null handler for 'west' logger
manifest: move top_level to _import_ctx
manifest: warn on ignored group filter
manifest: fix group filter round trip
West 0.9.1a1
West v0.9.1

Marc Herbert (2):
manifest: refactor _is_submodule_dict_ok(); add nested _assert()
manifest: make optional the 'name' attribute unused by Submodule