Zephyr v3.1.0-rc3 tagged

Bolivar, Marti

Hi Zephyr Devs!

The third release candidate for Zephyr 3.1.0 has been tagged (v3.1.0-rc3):


The window is now closed for all pull requests except fixes for
serious bugs and documentation.

Maintainers, please submit release notes for your respective areas as
soon as possible.

We currently have the following bug counts:

* High - 0
* Medium - 13
* Low - 101

The goal for release is to be at:

* High - 0
* Medium < 20
* Low < 50

As has happened during the previous few releases, we are beyond our goals
on low priority bugs. We'll continue to discuss how to handle this at a
project level, but in the meantime, many thanks go out to all of you
who have been making a concerted effort to tackle these bugs in the past
week. As the project continues to grow, we'll need to spend more time
thinking about how to manage longstanding or known issues without slowing
down releases.

Please continue to test the RC3 code base and file bug reports.

Other dates related to the release are here:


A big Thank You to everyone that contributed to this release so far, be it with
code, reviews, documentation, or any other type of contribution!

Carles and Martí