Re: application specific pin multiplexing (for STM32F412G-Disco)

Erwan Gouriou

Quick status about device tree:
  *Pinmux is not yet generated thanks to dts files. Only pinmux.c matters
  *Today, on STM32 dts files, only UART pinctrl is taken into account
So related to FSMC, you just need to consider pinmux.c

FSMC not being ported to zephyr yet, I think it is a bit early to upstream a FSMC pin config,
you need to do it in you application.
One way to do it  would be to code your own fsmc_pinconf array (based on pinmux.c pinconf[]).
Then setup pins with following call, directly in your application.
       stm32_setup_pins(fsmc_pinconf , ARRAY_SIZE(fsmc_pinconf));
This is not identical to integrate directly in "official" pinconf[] since it would be executed
sometime after initialisation of pinmux driver.Though I think it would work.


On 14 September 2017 at 16:28, massimiliano cialdi <massimiliano.cialdi@...> wrote:
Please ignore my previous post

I am writing a demo graphic application running on STM32F412G-Discovery. For this purpose, I must set the multiplexing of some pins to use the FSMC device.
I wonder if I need to edit the files zephyr/boards/boards/arm/stm32f412g_disco/pinmux. c and zephyr/dts/arm/st/stm32f412-pinctrl. dtsi or there is a way to do this by editing only files in the application directory, without touching the files inside zephyr.
If I need to edit zephyr files, what are the rules to follow to make my changes live with the system settings?

best regards
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