Re: RFC: Stopping Zephyr networking from being painful by enabling error logging by default

Piotr Mienkowski


On 14.09.2017 08:33, Jukka Rissanen wrote:

Debugging the configuration and debug logging itself is quite
after a year on Zephyr, I still didn't master it, what to say about

So, I'd like to propose to make following changes:

We could set the log level to 2 (warn) as you suggest, there was not
many warns in the net stack anyway.

I disagree with enabling logging by default, it bloats the binary and
also increases ram / stack usage. Normally you do not need to have
debugging enabled anyway, and if you need it, then it is easy to set
CONFIG_NET_LOG=y, enable individual component logging or global
logging, and then increase the log level.
One more vote to set the default log level to 2 (warning) but not to
enable logging by default for the reasons Jukka has mentioned. It
certainly makes sense to provide sane defaults (level 2 is a good idea,
maybe even level 3 if we clean up _INF messages, seeing assigned MAC
address, IP number in the log wouldn't be all that bad) but we should
avoid making choices on behalf of the users. I prefer to enable options
that I need when I need them rather than disable all those I don't only
because someone believed they are good for me. Zephyr documentation
specifically mentions that it's targeting small memory footprint
devices. Few things eat up memory quite so reliably as a couple of printfs.

That said, we could enable logging for all sample applications but not
for the main project. Maybe that was the intention all way long and I
misunderstood it.


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