Re: RFC: Stopping Zephyr networking from being painful by enabling error logging by default

Paul Sokolovsky

Hello Luiz,

On Fri, 15 Sep 2017 12:26:10 +0300
Luiz Augusto von Dentz <luiz.dentz@...> wrote:


We should think beyond that, we should think why, 8 months after the
project being on github, it has barely over 300 stars (which is good
for a personal spare-time project and zilch for something targetting
to influence the landscape). We should think why Zephyr TSC
receives a feedback
from perspective users which says "Zephyr project would get even
more credibility if there would be device manufacturers &
When you use a presentation which says:

Main benefits taking zephyr in use would come from good ble and
tcp/ip stacks ...
Well, when someone comes by and says "You're doing great, but we won't
use your stuff and can't even tell where we will be able to" (and
that's arguably summarizes that presentation), I'd spend less time on
being flattered by a polite conversation starter, and would spend more
time on 2nd part of the message ;-).

I understand it can be frustrating to not have proper logs when facing
issues, but things like this happen when we are trying to move as fast
as we can, perhaps too fast?
It's true that Zephyr development moves fast overall, and yet some
things are vice-versa pretty slow, for example here we, at version 1.9,
discuss whether it makes sense to report error messages or not.


Note, this can all be achieved without a wall of text complaining
about things that doesn't work for you, from the responses here
everyone seems quite positive with the idea of having better logging
so there is no point in keep coming with more more rants about it.
Yeah, sorry about that. I mentioned that I "sent probes" on this
before, and quite anticipated the possible response ("let's not change
things, everything works well as it is"). So, I appreciate that
everyone agrees we can change in logging *something*, I'm just trying
to convey that we should change a bunch of stuff consistently to make a
real difference.

Anyway, I'm off to patches on this stuff.


Best Regards,
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