Adding Nucleo-F030R8 support to Zephyr - CI fails due to low SOC RAM (8k)


Hello Macjie,

the pull request #1103 seems to fail some CI tests due to not enough RAM space (8k only).
The missing amount of RAM is above 1.5k so disabling the RAM vector table (~400 bytes) will not help either.   

It seems the stack sizes are too big.

E.g. in benchmark/latency_measure:
  "region `SRAM' overflowed by 1704 bytes"

The stack sizes are:

_k_thread_stack_tt_id 0x400
y_stack_area  0x200
_k_thread_stack_int_thread_id 0x200
_main_stack  0x400
_idle_stack  0x100
_interrupt_stack 0x800
sys_work_q_stack  0x400

in total 6.4k

Maybe you can reduce the stack size.


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