Adding support for CC2650 SoC

Geoffrey LE GOURRIEREC <geoffrey.legourrierec@...>

Hello Gil,

I am starting to work on supporting Zephyr on Texas Instruments' "SensorTag" device.

To this end, I need to add support for the CC2650 MCU. I looked at the support you
added for the CC32xx family of MCUs, and am having trouble deciding on wether to
integrate my work or not in the arch/arm/soc/ti_simplelink subdirectory.

This is my first time contributing to Zephyr, and I gather SoCs are primarily
differentiated regarding the CPU type they use. However, the "SimpleLink" family
is more of a commercial name, and CC26xx / cc32xx devices, in particular, differ
in this respect (Cortex M-3 / M-4 respectively). Other families of MCUs already
supported (e.g. Atmel's SAME70) at least share the CPU type.

Should I use your existing work as common ground?
Or should we reckon "SimpleLink family" is not really usable as a SoC "family"?

Thanks for your advice,

Best regards,

Geoffrey Le Gourriérec


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