Re: Zephyr issue tracking system moved to Github

Jukka Rissanen

Hi Anas,

This is not very user friendly atm. For example it is impossible to
find all networking related PR as if I select "area: Networking" I get
only some of the network related PR.

I suggest following change:

* There are too many networking labels, one "area: Networking" is
enough. Now I cannot get a full list of networking PRs because some of
them have more detailed network label applied (and missing the "area:
Networking" label). How are networking related labels tagged, is
zephyrbot automatically setting them? So if I remove (I am not sure if
I can do that) for example label "area: 6LoWPAN", will this start to
work ok or is there some special configuration needed somewhere?

* Other option would always add "area: Networking" label if some other,
more specific, network label is added.


On Sat, 2017-09-23 at 22:13 +0000, Nashif, Anas wrote:
As announced earlier this week, we now have migrated all JIRA issues
to github issues:

under GH issues we have kept the components and consolidated some of
them to a more generic label. All components now start with: “area:

Here is how issues types were migrated:
- Bugs = Bugs
- Stories = Enhancements
- Epics = Features/ Feature Requests.

We did keep the links to what used to be stories in epic type entries
and used the format available in Github to link those in.
Assignees that are active in both Jira and Github were set

We will need to have a mega scrub of the issues in Github and
cleanup some outdated items, but I think we do have a good start now.

Jira ZEP project is now read-only with a link to the corresponding GH
issues entry. GH issues also have a reference to the original ZEP

Please take a look and let us know if you find any problems.

Any new issues should be filed in Github now, Jira will not accept
any new entries.

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