Bluetooth mesh - Key Refresh



I have a question regarding the key refresh procedure in bluetooth
mesh. As far as I understand it a key refresh procedure should be done
in the following way:

1. A netkey update command is send from a config client
2. A appkey update command can be send from a client config when the
node is in refresh phase 1
3. The client can advance to phase 2 by sending a kr set command where
it starts using the new keys and old keys
4. a kr set command can be issued to go to phase 3 and the node
forgets the old keys

In this last step I can see that the code does a switch from the old
netkey to the new netkey, but I cannot find the switch from the old
appkey to the new appkey (if available). Is this missing from the code
or am I misunderstanding the key refresh procedure ?



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