Re: Adding support for CC2650 SoC

Gil Pitney

Hi Geoffrey,

Good question.

I understand "SimpleLink" to describe a family of connectivity SoC's.

But an SoC can include a heterogeneous mix of CPU core types: ARM
cores (of different types), DSP cores, custom processors.

We may be able to designate only one of the SoC cores as the
"master", and distinguish the Zephyr SoC family based on that master
core; but, master core can depend on the application.

I would argue, since the SoCs all still fall within the SimpleLink
"family", that the cc26xx/ subdirectory can go under the
arch/arm/soc/ti_simplelink/ directory. It seems the cc26xx Kconfig
and its new Device Tree files will still be separate from the cc32xx,
so that the fact their SoCs include different CPU cores should not
cause a conflict.

- Gil

On 13 February 2017 at 03:12, Geoffrey LE GOURRIEREC
<> wrote:
Hello Gil,

I am starting to work on supporting Zephyr on Texas Instruments' "SensorTag"

To this end, I need to add support for the CC2650 MCU. I looked at the
support you
added for the CC32xx family of MCUs, and am having trouble deciding on
wether to
integrate my work or not in the arch/arm/soc/ti_simplelink subdirectory.

This is my first time contributing to Zephyr, and I gather SoCs are
differentiated regarding the CPU type they use. However, the "SimpleLink"
is more of a commercial name, and CC26xx / cc32xx devices, in particular,
in this respect (Cortex M-3 / M-4 respectively). Other families of MCUs
supported (e.g. Atmel's SAME70) at least share the CPU type.

Should I use your existing work as common ground?
Or should we reckon "SimpleLink family" is not really usable as a SoC

Thanks for your advice,

Best regards,

Geoffrey Le GourriƩrec

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