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I do not have the TinyTile board so I cannot try flashing it. However I do have the DFRobot CurieNano which is a similar board. I have no problem flashing this board. I used the instructions (DFU) for Arduino 101.




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Hi Graham,

Thanks for responding! About the similarities of TinyTILE and Arduino101, although the chip is the same, we have been trying to flash applications to tinyTILE for a while now. The arduino can be flash with DFU using the FTDI cable, but tinyTILE doesn't respond to minicom after flashing. We have some inconsistent success with flashing tinyTILE via Flyswatter and settling the port to ttyACM0. Either there is some issues with tinyTILE support from zephyr or the protocol of the chip is different than Arduino.





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I meant to also say to look at projects for Arduino/Genuine 101 as tiny Tile is a scaled down version of this board.


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As tinyTile is basically just a version of the Intel® Curie™ module, you can look for projects under Curie. Yes. It has additional pins but the rest is the same




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Hi All,


Has anyone done anything with tinyTILE? Since the board is quite new I was wondering if someone has done a project with Zephyr OS on tinyTILE. The specs of the chip looks promising for IoT implementations. Any info or the setup you are using will help. I'm trying to evaluate the capability of tinyTILE with Zephyr.





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