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Erwan Gouriou


I don't have time to test this yet, but looking into STM32F303 reference manual,
it seems that I2C on F3 is clock independent and hence, we should sepcify clock
before using it.
It seems this case is particular to F3 (at least F303).

Can you have a try defining clock with fowlloing LL function?
  /* Set I2C2 clock source as SYSCLK */
  LL_RCC_SetI2CClockSource(uint32_t I2CxSource);
With I2CxSource:
  *         @arg @ref LL_RCC_I2C1_CLKSOURCE_HSI
  *         @arg @ref LL_RCC_I2C1_CLKSOURCE_SYSCLK
  *         @arg @ref LL_RCC_I2C2_CLKSOURCE_HSI (*)
  *         @arg @ref LL_RCC_I2C2_CLKSOURCE_SYSCLK (*)
  *         @arg @ref LL_RCC_I2C3_CLKSOURCE_HSI (*)
  *         @arg @ref LL_RCC_I2C3_CLKSOURCE_SYSCLK (*)


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On Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 3:52 PM, Wagenknecht, Daniel <Daniel.Wagenknecht@...> wrote:



I’m working on a project that needs I2C functionality on a STM32F0 Chip. Since STM32F0 support is not yet merged into zephyr (I’m observing, I started working with a stm32f3_disco board, which I had available and which uses the same I2C driver (stm32-i2c-v2), with only minor differences (F0 has a combined Event/Error Interrupt, F3 splits both up). I also took a look at the disco_l475_iot1 board for inspiration, because I2C support in Zephyr for this board is implemented and it uses the stm32-i2c-v2 driver as well, but I don’t have one of those boards to test with.


Just a little note before I explain the issues I’m running into on the stm32f3_disco: I basically did the same steps on stm32f4_disco board (which uses the stm32-i2c-v1 I2C driver) and got the  I2C bus working there.

I’m confident, that the basic procedure for adding I2C support to a STM32Fx based board is OK, since I got it working on the stm32f4_disco board this way.


Back to stm32f3_disco. See attachment for the changes I did to the repo based on zephyr-v1.9.0 release.

I’ve got it compiling with samples/drivers/i2c_fujitsu_fram example with a minor change and an I2C dummy device that acts like the fujitsu-fram (test-setup worked well with stm32f4_disco).


diff --git a/samples/drivers/i2c_fujitsu_fram/src/main.c b/samples/drivers/i2c_fujitsu_fram/src/main.c


@@ -13,5 +13,1 @@

-#if defined(CONFIG_SOC_QUARK_SE_C1000_SS)



-#define I2C_DEV CONFIG_I2C_0_NAME


+#define I2C_DEV "I2C_1"


After flashing it onto the stm32f3_disco board the I2C Pins (PB8, PB9) are high with pull-up (like intended), but nothing is happening on the bus. When I single step through  the code with the debugger I loose connection in

file drivers/i2c/i2c_ll_stm32_v2.c

function  msg_init(…)

line 41


Last step I can do is out of the LL_I2C_SetSlaveAddr(..) function. The debugger fails with the following message:


Error: jtag status contains invalid mode value - communication failure

Polling target stm32f3x.cpu failed, trying to reexamine

Examination failed, GDB will be halted. Polling again in 100ms


To reconnect to the board afterwards I need to disconnect it first, reset doesn’t help.


So if you know of any changes I missed or did wrong, or are familiar with this type of gdb-errors, please help me out here.




Daniel Wagenknecht

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Hi Daniel,

I was trying to get I2C working on stm32f3_disco a couple of months ago. You could find my local branch here (it needs a rebase to the master branch).
It just hangs after the line 41 of i2c_ll_stm32_v2.c like yours. It does not output any SYS_LOG on console. Below are the information I managed to collect.

Best regards,

openocd debugserver output:
Info : halted: PC: 0x08000b98
Info : halted: PC: 0x08000afc
Info : halted: PC: 0x00000000

gdb output
(gdb) next
41              LL_I2C_SetTransferRequest(i2c, transfer);
(gdb) next
0x00000000 in ?? ()
(gdb) bt --full
No symbol "full" in current context.
(gdb) bt full
#0  0x00000000 in ?? ()
No symbol table info available.
Backtrace stopped: previous frame identical to this frame (corrupt stack?)
(gdb) info frame
Stack level 0, frame at 0x0:
 pc = 0x0; saved pc = <unavailable>
 Outermost frame: previous frame identical to this frame (corrupt stack?)
 Arglist at unknown address.
 Locals at unknown address, Previous frame's sp is 0x0
(gdb) info registers
r0             0x0      0
r1             0x0      0
r2             0x0      0
r3             0x0      0
r4             0x0      0
r5             0x0      0
r6             0x0      0
r7             0x0      0
r8             0x0      0
r9             0x0      0
r10            0x0      0
r11            0x0      0
r12            0x0      0
sp             0x0      0x0
lr             0x0      0
pc             0x0      0x0
xPSR           0x0      0

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