Re: Trouble configuring arduino101 via zephyr

Anjali Asar <anjaliasar@...>

Some pins have been pulled up and some have been pulled down. Not able to change it. It seems to be perpetually stuck in that mode. Also pin 8 (Zephyr pin 16) not functioning. Any suggestions?

On 01-Feb-2017 5:19 PM, "Anjali Asar" <anjaliasar@...> wrote:
Hi, not sure if this is the right forum for this, but trying my luck. if not, please do direct me towards the right one.

I'm having trouble flashing the arduino101.
i've followed all the instructions available still, tho it says download complete, the code doesnt seem to have been downloaded.

The code i am trying is the sample code provided, "blinky". The LED doesn't light up. i have tried various pins apart from the on board LED too.

 Is there any extra configuration that i have to do to make it work?
Note: i am using a windows 8 pc

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