Re: Is there tutorials for Zephyr ticker/mayfly?


Thank you for comments.

I want to custum a nordic RF driver.
It seem that, need a tunning ticker/mayfly.

By the way, is there a plan to replace it? What time is it?

2017-10-12 4:43 GMT+09:00 Chettimada, Vinayak Kariappa <vinayak.kariappa.chettimada@...>:

Hi biwa,

Please be aware that ticker/mayfly are not Zephyr OS public interfaces,
i.e. applications/samples shall not use them and they will not follow the API deprecation rules,
implementation and functions are private to controller subsystem, and subject to change.

Comments are inline below...

> On 11 Oct 2017, at 16:19, biwa <sjbiwa@...> wrote:
> Thanks for all.
> I can not understand ticker/mayfly yet.
> :ticker
> What is node?
A ticker node is a timeout or expiry object. This is a node as in a node in a linked list.
> What is user?
A ticker user is an identification number of the execution context that is calling the ticker APIs.
As mentioned before from historical reasons the implementation being barebones,
call to APIs are identified using user ids for context-safety.
> What is slot?
Slot represents the desired time space (duration) occupancy in the timeline by the requesting
ticker node’s timeout callback.
These are the ticker's execution contexts.
Trigger is the execution context asserted/signalled/ready to process a timeout.
Trigger could be a timer ISR.
Worker execution context is the one calling the timeout callbacks of the the expired ticker node.
Job execution context handles the ticker’s scheduling operations, all API calls get processed in
this context.
By “execution context” I am referring to the likes of ISRs, threads, tasks, tasklets, and work queues so on.
> :mayfly
Callee as in callee function. Caller as in caller of the callee function.


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