Re: public ID addresses

Johan Hedberg

Hi Tamara,

On Sun, Oct 15, 2017, Tamra Oyama wrote:
Does anyone know how to make a device ID public instead of random?

I ran the bluetooth sample, scan_adv, provided by zephyr. Below is what
happens when I run it.

Starting Scanner/Advertiser Demo
[bt] [WRN] set_static_addr: Using temporary static random address
[bt] [INF] show_dev_info: Identity: e3:d8:c2:29:0a:04 (random)
[bt] [INF] show_dev_info: HCI: version 5.0 (0x09) revision 0x0000,
[bt] [INF] show_dev_info: LMP: version 5.0 (0x09) subver 0xffff
Bluetooth initialized

In the part where it says (random), does anyone know how to make this a
public address or assign an address to the device (tinyTILE in this case)?

Also, would it be possible to instead of using a temporary static random
address, assign an address to the device?
I might be wrong, but I don't think a public address is what you're
looking for, since that address space is formally managed by companies.
Instead, I think you're looking to get a persistent address that stays
the same over reboots. A static random address is also an Identity
Address, so that would fit the bill.

The Nordic controllers come with a pre-programmed static address in
their FICR register, but there's no standard way of reading it from
there through HCI. Luckily, we've now got our own HCI vendor extensions
available which have a command for this. If you build your controller
image out of the latest master branch you will get vendor extensions
support included there. For the host side, I've just pushed a pull
request which adds what's needed:


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