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Carles Cufi

Hi Pushpal,

We are in the process of switching from Make/Kbuild to CMake. Once this transition is complete it should be possible to generate IDE projects from CMake itself, although the focus initially is on being able to compile from the command-line with CMake first.

As someone mentioned before, Segger Embedded Studio (SES) is a good option and hopefully we’ll get closer to integrating with it and others as the CMake transition ends and we can focus on that area.



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Hi All,

I'm trying to convince my company to switch to Zephyr, but the lack of
an actual IDE with a nice graphical debugger startles them (these are
old-school type firmware people who have gotten used to IDEs).

Is there anything people are doing? The biggest stopper is probably
the graphical debugging ability that they may lose e.g. IAR.
Preferably something on Windows (so no ddd unless WSL quickly gets to
a better place with USB support).

- Pushpal
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