Re: Mesh sample fails w/ CONFIG_BT_HCI_VS_EXT=y

Johan Hedberg

Hi Steve,

On Tue, Oct 17, 2017, Johan Hedberg wrote:
On Tue, Oct 17, 2017, Steve Brown wrote:
The samples/bluetooth/mesh fails on my nrf52840_pca10056

Below is the debug output of both the failing and non-failing cases.

I bisected down to:
first bad commit: [aaeff3c165051c15dfa025f1aad82f333395b6d0] 
Bluetooth: Add basic host-side support for HCI vendor extension

Somewhere CONFIG_BT_HCI_VS_EXT defaults to "y". If I set it to "n" in prj.conf, all is well.
I went through the patch in question, and found a leak of a net_buf
object. I wonder if the available buffer count has been so well
fine-tuned that loosing just one causes this issue. Anyway, could you
please try the attached patch (while keeping CONFIG_BT_HCI_VS_EXT=y).
Here's version 2. The first attempt didn't take the account the jump to
a label in the success case. So ignore the earlier and test this one,


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