Re: CI fails for pull request on arm branch

Kumar Gala

On Oct 23, 2017, at 9:45 AM, Wagenknecht, Daniel <Daniel.Wagenknecht@...> wrote:

Hi there,

I rebased pull request #4458 on the latest upstream arm-branch.
Shippable tests fail (results) , but it seems unrelated to my changes.

For example in test-run #1 it fails at
Sanitycheck / frdm_k64f:samples/mpu/mem_domain_apis_test/test

While I was only working on stm32 i2c drivers.

Please have a look into this problem.
Weird, I’ll try and look into this. I kicked off a re-build of your PR to see if that deals with it. It looks like there is a fix in master. I’ve updated the ‘arm’ branch against master, so if you can rebase your branch again, that should hopefully address the issue.

- k

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