Re: Bluetooth Address Type - Fixed (public)

Johan Hedberg

Hi Jie,

On Fri, Oct 27, 2017, Jie Zhou wrote:
Thanks for the clarification, below is my scan_adv output from the most
recent master branch.
[image: Inline image 1]

MAC address still changes. I can see there are three warnings causing it to
default into temporary static random address. The Vendor HCI extension is
not available, I'm guessing this is referring to the HCI commands for the
curie chip (arduino_101/tinytile) is not available. Is there an vendor HCI
extension for the arduino_101 that I can include in zephyr? I'm using make
BOARD=arduino_101 flash for the tinyTILE. The other option would be like
what Vinayak is doing - running a combine built to read from the registers
directly. I would like to not have to erase factory data and risk losing
some capabilities of the board.
You still need to update the nRF51 on the tinyTILE with a new hci_uart
application based on latest master branch. You're now getting errors
because the controller-side firmware doesn't yet have the vendor


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