custom script for debug/flash

Raj Gundi

Hi Marti,


I see that you have modified the “debug”, “debugserver” and “flash” scripts to make it OS agnostic. I am working on an xtensa board and I have a dedicated script for this board which is different from the regular that you have created. I have the below questions in order to port my script to the new method.

1)    How is being invoked? In other words if my new script is called, what I should do to ensure this gets called?

2)    Is there documentation on how to write the script? I looked at what’s there in the comments, but is that enough? If yes, I’ll go over them again.

3)    My script is heavily making use of Linux shell scripting. It makes use of kill, sleep, Ctrl+C etc. Any pointers on how to achieve these now?



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