Re: What is the acceptable license for documentation files in Zephyr?

David Brown

On Fri, Nov 17, 2017 at 03:36:37PM +0000, Kinder, David B wrote:

Best though, would be to avoid inclusion of GPL content (docs or code) into the
Zephyr tree. The nice thing about content is you can write a short summary in
the Zephyr docs in your own words, and then include a link to the Linux
documents for more details, rather than directly including them. You could
also include short quotes and properly cite the source material with a link to
provide due credit to the authors.
Has anyone tried to figure out what the GPL even would mean for
documentation? Forming a derived work kind of makes sense, but what
about compiling and source code? Would including a chapter of GPL
documentation into a document under another license cause the rest of
the work to be a derived work?

There is a reason the FSF doesn't use the GPL for their documentation.


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