Re: Doing job of porting Zephyr to ARMV5-TE and ARMV7-A arch.

Nashif, Anas


Thank you for your interest in Zephyr.


To submit your work upstream, you need to start by porting the changes to the latest status of the code and submit it against master.

Do this in multiple steps (commits) starting with the architecture related changes and additions, then with additional commits add the support for the platforms and board and any samples. Please avoid submitting everything you have as a single commit.

Please make sure you follow the coding style guidelines and use checkpatch to verify your changes before submission. You can cleanup the source files with uncrustify tool if needed, a configuration file for Zephyr exists under scripts/.


Follow the document for more details.






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Hi everyone:


     i am working on some project for porting Zephyr to armv5te(arm926ej-s) and ARMV7-A(A9) arch for some reason.  my job is based on the Zephyr 1.9.1 version and now it can do some traditional application demos, for example, DVB player and Media player, playing movies with zephyr sdk and other open source muti-media library.  and i want to see if i can merge my work(basically about the new arch support) to the mainline, and i dont know how to do this.


thanks for your advice.



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