Re: Running bluetooth examples using qemu

Johan Hedberg

Hi Tiago,

On Tue, Nov 21, 2017, Tiago Primini wrote:
Bluetooth init failed (err -5)

I also have configured btproxy in my ubuntu host:

$ sudo ./btproxy -u
Listening on /tmp/bt-server-bredr
Opening user channel for hci0
New client connected

Is there anything missing in the configuration or maybe additional steps?
I can't really say for sure what's going wrong, but it would help if you
got some more logs for the situation. On the Linux side, you could run
btmon to see what HCI commands (if any) Zephyr manages to send. On the
Zephyr side, you could add at least the following to your app's prj.conf:


With those you should be able to see a bit more of what's happening in
the Zephyr console.


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