Re: Running bluetooth examples using qemu

Johan Hedberg

Hi Tiago,

On Wed, Nov 22, 2017, Tiago Primini wrote:
< HCI Command: Host Buffer Size (0x03|0x0033) plen 7
ACL MTU: 27 ACL max packet: 6
SCO MTU: 0 SCO max packet: 0
HCI Event: Command Complete (0x0e) plen 4
Host Buffer Size (0x03|0x0033) ncmd 1
Status: Invalid HCI Command Parameters (0x12)
This looks like the reason for the failure. I.e. your PC's Broadcom
controller doesn't like the Host Buffer Size HCI command that Zephyr
sends, causing the Zephyr Bluetooth initialization to fail.

As per the Bluetooth Core Specification, there's nothing inherently
invalid about the parameters Zephyr gives your controller, despite it
claiming otherwise. It could simply be that this less often used feature
is either missing or incorrectly implemented in your controller.

There are two options from here:

1. Use another controller.

2. Disable the Host flow control feature in Zephyr, i.e. set
CONFIG_BT_HCI_ACL_FLOW_CONTROL=n in your configuration.

The second option may have some unwanted side effects, and possibly
require you to increase the Zephyr host buffer count to compensate for
the lack of flow control (CONFIG_BT_RX_BUF_COUNT option). However it may
be the most practical one in the short term.


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