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Chettimada, Vinayak Kariappa

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I'm trying to implement a simple random frequency hopping to avoid frequency clashes. I see in zephyr that there are channel map settings, but I can't seem to find documentations on what settings does what. How would I implement frequency hopping in, let's say, the bluetooth adv sample?
Zephyr BLE controller implements the Bluetooth Specification version 5.0 Data Channel Selection, please refer to section 4.5.8 in Vol 6, Part B.

For advertising and scanning states in BLE (exclude extending advertising), channels 37, 38, and 39 are used in consecutive order when transmitting or receiving.
Currently, if I am right, there is no public interfaces to control channel hopping. You could use the BLE controller HCI interface (samples/bluetooth/hci_uart or hci_spi) with other host implementations on second chip/PC that use standard HCI commands as defined in the BT specification.

Please clarify which sample are you using from the Zephyr project repository "let's say, the bluetooth adv sampleā€ ?

(Addition question, not presently critical so I don't need an answer right now)
I also saw that zephyr has channel map settings to access 37 frequency channels. Firstly how can I access that? Secondly, reading the BlueZ specifications, there are 79 total bluetooth frequency channels and to implement adaptive frequency hopping, 79 channels is required. Does zephyr have that capability?

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