Re: mesh: relay traffic when relay state is 0x02 (not supported)

Johan Hedberg

Hi Vikrant,

Please try to avoid top-posting, especially if the existing thread is
using inline quoting.

On Tue, Dec 05, 2017, Vikrant More wrote:
I applied your recent patch (that is
zephyrproject-rtos/zephyr/pull/5243 )

But it is still relaying packet (after Relay is OFF using Silicon Labs App)
if destination address is Group Address.
It does not relay only when destination Address is self Unicast Address.
Are you talking about adv-adv relaying or GATT-adv relaying (or
vice-versa)? Steve seemed to confirm that the current code works as it

Second thing is,

As I previously mentioned that , even after provisiong using Silicon Labs
Mesh APP, I'm still able to access Mesh Proxy Service
using Nordic Semiconductor nRFConnect App. For ref. plz see attached images.

Plus NODE accepts data from that service. To check that I send some 1 byte
of random data to it & serial terminal of Node gives me
error as "Dropping too short message packet".
Are you sure nRF connect isn't juts holding on to cached GATT database
information. When provisioning is complete Zephyr will remove the
provisioning service and replace it with the GATT proxy service. This
means that the GATT Proxy service will likely get the same attribute
handle values as the provisioning service. The Zephyr GATT server will
send out appropriate service changed indications for this, but if the
client doesn't support this it might get confused (thinking the old
service is there even though it has actually been replaced with another
one). You'd probably need to find a way to force re-discovery of
services (possibly by disconnecting & reconnecting).


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