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Steve Brown

Hi Gene,

You can program it with drag/drop CMSIS bootloader's disk, pyocd or
openocd over USB. The "make flash" uses pyocd and worked fine for me.

The softdevice is only the Nordic SDK. Zephyr's Bluetooth and mesh
stacks include everything.

I've got some V1.0 and V1.1's. They are identical except for the caps
in the antenna matching network. If you have a newer version, maybe
they have the RF issues sorted out. I went to a Nordic class a few
weeks ago and they said they will qualify the RF layout and components
if the manufacturer sends them samples.

I'm running a Ubuntu distribution and the drive comes up as


On Thu, 2017-12-07 at 22:03 +0000, Zarkhin, Gene wrote:
Thanks for your reply.
That is a little discouraging ☹
How do you program them?
I connected the board to Win 7 and it created a CDC device and
MassStorage device.
So on Teraterm I see "Hello World" (very exciting!), which stops
working after printing several lines and disk drive, which does not
have an assigned letter.
Reading some docs - they say it supports drug and drop of the image
(they do not specify format, I hope it is hex) but the drive does not
have a letter (as I already mentioned).
I'll try on Linux machine over the weekend, maybe it will assign a

Also, Nordic requires soft device to be programmed (has a bootloader
and BLE stack), so it should be drugged and dropped before the app, I

Maybe in your case they have a wrong soft device, no BLE compatible?

Gene Zarkhin
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Hi Gene,

I've got 4 of these and they will only talk with each other and the
Broadcom radio on my RPI3. Neither my ubertooth sniffer nor a CSR 4.0
dongle can decode anything. I have a couple of nRF52840-PDK's, a
Redbear BLEnano2 and a Sparkfun nrf52 breakout board and none of them
have this difficulty.


On Thu, 2017-12-07 at 20:45 +0000, Zarkhin, Gene wrote:
That is definitely helpful to start working.

Gene Zarkhin
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I see the site says, “Zephyr
applications use the nrf52_nitrogen configuration to run on the
Nitrogen hardware.”
Check out the
oc/96b_nitrogen.html documentation and see if that’s what you’re
looking for.

-- david

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I purchased several BLE Nitrogen boards and having some problems
finding necessary documentation and making them work.
The web site provided by Digi-Key points to
Nitrogen/ site, which points to but
that site there is no information about BLE Nitrogen and that board
not in the list of supported boards.
Also, I installed provided driver on Win 7 and did not get correct
drive letter for MassStorage device.
If you have some proper documentation on how to work with BLE
Nitrogen, please let me know.

Gene Zarkhin
Software Engineer
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