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Steve Brown

Hi Charles,

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Hi Gene,

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Hi Gene,

I've got 4 of these and they will only talk with each other and the
Broadcom radio on my RPI3. Neither my ubertooth sniffer nor a CSR
dongle can decode anything. I have a couple of nRF52840-PDK's, a
BLEnano2 and a Sparkfun nrf52 breakout board and none of them have
That is very strange, since the nRF52832 on the Nitrogen is exactly
the same as the one on the BLEnano2, and the codebase for the
controller should be identical as well.
When you say "decode anything", do you mean you are not able to
connect from the CSR 4.0 dongle to the Nitrogen?


I started with 2 Nitrogens and attempted to connect to them with a CSR
dongle. I received no unprovisioned beacons. I fired up the ubertooth
sniffer and didn't see any traffic either. My conclusion was that they
were broken. They shipped from China and I imagined them getting fried
by some customs x-ray machine. I got 2 more locally and they behaved
the same.

The ubertooth spec analyzer showed RF on the advertising channels. The
envelopes were not the steep sloped ones like other boards. I don't
have the equipment to figure out what's happening.

I have a V1.0 and V1.1. They differ in the components in the matching
network between the SOC and the chip antenna. Otherwise, the boards
appear identical. The factory rep at the Nordic class said the board
layout and component placement in the RF section was very critical. I
guess he's right.

I have a blenano2 also. It just works.

By accident, I discovered that they would work with the Broadcom radio
on my RPI3.

If anybody is using these boards, I'd really like to hear from them.


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