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nRF52832 UART is connected to NXP front end chip and works correctly through CDC driver.  I can communicate with nRF52 with no problem.

I changed the board file and set correct LED and UART pins.  There is nothing else there to modify 😊

And yes, from BLE point everything is the same.

As other people mentioned radio is not the best, so next step I may try Nitrogen board rev.1.1


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> Well, board configuration is different, different pins are used for LEDs, buttons and UART, but from BLE point of view everything should be the same, correct?


Can you check how you configured UART flow control on both boards you have used? Mabey this cause your troubles?




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Nitrogen boards are actively used in the Zephyr community, unless there is some obvious physical issues in your boards (like antennae matching network) Bluetooth functionality should be pretty straight forward. You can even try central_hr one of your board and peripheral_hr on the other and they should connect to each other on power-up. Let me know if your two boards are able to connect so using these Zephyr application.


FWIW, my personal experience with 1.0 Nitrogen boards has been... suboptimal. 1.1 is indeed better and usable for things like IPSP at shorter ranges, but still falls short of other boards I've tried. Gene, if you can get them replaced with 1.1s, I'd start there.


For comparison, see BLE Nano 2 for another small form-factor Zephyr compatible nRF52 board, which claims BLE 4.2 certification:



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