Re: Zephyr issue tracking system moved to Github

Paul Sokolovsky



* There are too many networking labels, one "area: Networking" is
This RFC from Jukka never got a response, but it seems that everyone
implicitly agreed and followed it, for example:

"area: Networking Clients" has 0 labeled issues
"area: Net Protocols" had 2 issues (closed) over all this time

I seem to be able to edit labels, so unless someone responds to
stop me, I'm going to remove labels above, and leave just "area:
Networking" (183 total issues so far).
Makes sense, +1 from me. Also consistent with Bluetooth, which is a
single label.
Thanks for acking. As a follow-up, I went and deleted the "area: Net
Protocols" label.

However, when checking stats above, I looked at only pull request
numbers, but labels are also used by issues. And
"area: Networking Clients" is currently assigned to 26+30 issues, while
there're 126+319 "area: Networking". In other words, there're quite
many "networking" issues (which after all may mean that we need further
separation) and more than 10% of them are tagged as "area: Networking

So, I guess I'll leave deciding on this issue to Jukka when he's back
from vacation.

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