#ZephyrBluetoothMesh ..... What Next ?? ....need info beyond #zephyrbluetoothmesh #gettingstartedguide

Vikrant More <vikrant8051@...>

Mr. Martin Woolley has released video which shows time required to discover & provision #BluetoothMesh DEVICE.

In this case, he has used "firmware + board + APP" only from Silicon labs. Is this a reason behind his board get quickly discovered by the APP (approx.4 to 5 Seconds) ?

In my case,
Board = nrf52840-PDK
Firmware = Zephyr-OS
APP = Silicon Labs Mesh APP.

While testing, I noticed that Silicon Labs #BluetoothMESHApp takes more time to discover nrf52840-PDK as DEVICE. Sometimes I have to reboot the nrf52 board or restart APP.


Could you please tell me how to explore all available features within #ZephyrBluetoothMesh ?


1) controlling on board LEDs using Silicon Labs APP &
2) publishing data by pressing Button on nrf52-PDK board to control LEDs on other boards

I don't know what to do next ?

Need your help so that I can utilize maximum available features within #ZephyrBluetoothMesh?

Meshctl & Silicon Labs App has limited Models support & hence can't do anything beyond that.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwVwIjTX6SI in this video you are utilizing concept of heartbeat. Could you please tell me more about it ? When & why to use it ?


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