Re: #ZephyrBluetoothMesh ..... What Next ?? ....need info beyond #zephyrbluetoothmesh #gettingstartedguide

Johan Hedberg

Hi Vikrant,

On Sat, Dec 16, 2017, Vikrant More wrote:

Mr. Martin Woolley has released video which shows time required to discover
& provision #BluetoothMesh DEVICE.

In this case, he has used "firmware + board + APP" only from Silicon labs.
Is this a reason behind his board get quickly discovered by the APP
(approx.4 to 5 Seconds) ?
It's impossible to say for sure without some more information. It's
possible that different advertising parameters are used. If you have
PB-ADV enabled that will also take time away from PB-GATT advertising.
Note that after initialization Zephyr will advertise for one minute
using more agressive parameters (faster discovery & connection creation)
and after that move to more relaxed parameters to save power.

While testing, I noticed that Silicon Labs #BluetoothMESHApp takes more
time to discover nrf52840-PDK as DEVICE. Sometimes I have to reboot the
nrf52 board or restart APP.
Are you saying that Zephyr is somehow stuck in this case? I haven't seen
that happen. If you reproduce it, it would be good if you could do some
more thorrough analysis of what's going on (e.g. has everything come to
a halt, or are the threads still running but the controller just stopped
advertising, or something like that).

Could you please tell me how to explore all available features within
#ZephyrBluetoothMesh ?


1) controlling on board LEDs using Silicon Labs APP &
2) publishing data by pressing Button on nrf52-PDK board to control
LEDs on other boards

I don't know what to do next ?
That largely depends what you want to do, i.e. what kind of device &
application you want to build. If you haven't done so already, I
recommend browsing through the Mesh Model Specification to see what kind
of standard models exist. If none fit the use case you have in mind you
could also consider creating a custom vendor model. in this video you are
utilizing concept of heartbeat. Could you please tell me more about it
? When & why to use it ?
I can't say much beyond what you can find in the Mesh Profile
Specification. The relevant sections would be, 4.2.17 and
4.2.18. The feature is useful e.g. for discovering the topology of a
network as well as for getting notifications when the enabled features
of a node changes.


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