Re: [Zephyr-users] Problem in working with Ozone and nRF52840

Carles Cufi

Hi Ashish,


The “variable is out of scope” is pretty common and I get it all the time too. It usually happens with local variables only, and it’s mostly due to the compiler optimizations. So the 2 options you have is to either reduce the optimization level (say from –O3 to –O0) or, for a quick fix, store the variable you’re interested in in a temporary global.






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Subject: [Zephyr-users] Problem in working with Ozone and nRF52840


Hello everyone !!!

I'm just starting to work with Ozone for hardware debugging of nRF52840 uC.

When I enter a variable named cnt which is declared in main function, it says the variable is out of scope. I can't figure out what this means here, and how to resolve this.

Also, is there any way look at status of PINs of uC e.g. I want to look at changing status of pins as a graph.

I'm attaching snapshot of Ozone window. 



Warm regards,
Ashish Shukla

Jr. Embedded Engineer

Research & Development


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