Re: Running echo_server on qemu_cortex_m3

Piotr Mienkowski

Hi Michael,

When running "nc" in UDP, nc exits without waiting for reply from the target application (echo_server)
You may force nc to wait some time after all data are sent using -q seconds option. As in

$ echo foobar | nc -q 1 -u 4242

to wait for 1 second. Unfortunately the -q option may not be present in your specific implementation of nc. It seems there are a few and their names may vary, e.g. ncat, netcat. I haven't been using Zephyr net-tools project so I'm not sure what's the situation there.

For simple testing it's often enough to type

$ nc -u 4242

anything you type into the console will be send to the remote side and the response will be displayed. To exit you'll need to Ctrl+C manually.


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