Re: [RFC] CODEOWNERS missing default rule

Paul Sokolovsky


On Wed, 10 Jan 2018 07:47:28 +0900
Juan Manuel Torres Palma <j.m.torrespalma@...> wrote:

Hi Anas,

Can you confirm you guys receive a notification even if no reviewer
is shown in the GitHub PR?
People who "watch" the github project receive such notifications. I
don't know how many there're such people (and not all notifications
seems to be delivered). Other people also scan pending PRs regularly
and triage them (assign labels, reviewers, etc.).

I've taken the freedom to reopen the PR then.
Generally, a month pending is not a term for an open-source
project ;-). We of course target shorter response times, but as most
open-source projects, there're too few a hands, at least sometimes
(e.g. around holidays).

But note that you can always come on IRC and ping people there ;-). And
once you get into the positive feedback cycle (i.e. get your PRs
reviewed/merged to your satisfaction), please consider reviewing other
people's PRs.


Best Regards,
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