Re: understanding of #BluetoothMesh OOB authentication procedure #bluetoothmesh

Johan Hedberg

Hi Vikrant,

On Sat, Jan 20, 2018, Vikrant More wrote:
But as per this link, ,

In the exchange public keys phase, there are two possible ways for ECDH
public keys to be exchanged.
They can be exchanged over a Bluetooth link or through an OOB tunnel.
*In the provisioning invitation phase, the unprovisioned device has already
reported whether or not it supports sending its public key via an OOB
tunnel. *
If it does, the provisioner can proceed to use it and informs the
unprovisioned device by sending a Provisioning Start PDU.

could you please tell me, is this taken care by you ?
Where to edit, when I want to send ECDH public keys over OOB tunnel ?
Or is it also in development phase ?
I answered this already here:

I'm sure we'll eventually have proper support for it, but if you want to
get it sooner feel free to send patches for it.


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