Re: USB: Question about usb_write() API

Sundar Subramaniyan

Hi Johann,

On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 9:12 PM, Johann Fischer <johann_fischer@...> wrote:
Please use subsys/usb/class for testing and as reference.

The IN endpoint callback just informs that a endpoint buffer was transmitted to
the host.

I used the DW driver as a reference,
The Kinetis USB controller is a bit similar to NRF52, btw I would be glad
about review.

Thanks, will take a look at it.
There is an effort to implement the transfer method. This is very convenient
from the function point of view, but may complicate the drivers.
Please review

Thanks, will look into this. I need to understand the transfer method. So after it's
been pulled, does the driver need to support it by default? Since there's no driver
registration using f_ops to the USB subsystem, there would be linking issues, no?
Johann Fischer


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