Re: Building Zephyr like there's no CMake

Carles Cufi

Hi Paul,

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Subject: [Zephyr-devel] Building Zephyr like there's no CMake


Anyway, there's a patch, , which
introduces a "zephyr-make" wrapper which allows you to build Zephyr
(in-tree) applications (samples and tests) largely as before:

zephyr-make BOARD=frdm_k64f CONF=prj_frdm_k64f.conf zephyr-make
BOARD=qemu_cortex_m3 # Uses prj.conf zephyr-make # Uses qemu_x86

As the review comments show, the common assessment was that if the
mainline switches to CMake, then it makes sense to switch to it, and
don't promote any wrappers. I expect that the PR will be closed, but I
intend to push any fixes made to that branch.
Thanks for the script, I suspect it can become popular among some of the Zephyr userbase.
My suggestion would be to have this script live outside the Zephyr tree, but possibly link to it from the "Getting Started" page in a note, or perhaps in a new section called "Tips and tricks" or "Additional tools".

And, as a note to maintainers, if you were concerned that with the
documentation switching to use "ninja" in examples, "make" support for
CMake build process will go unexercised and untested, no worries, people
still use it ;-).
Well this is actually unrelated to your script, because you can always change zephyr-make to use Ninja under the hood :)


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