Re: Adding support for CC2650 SoC

Geoffrey LE GOURRIEREC <geoffrey.legourrierec@...>

Have you began to work on cc2650? I'd like to add support for cc2538, but have a question
on the linker script. Unlike other soc, cc2538 and cc2650 have a Customer Configuration
Area(CCA/CCFG), which is located in the uppermost flash page. It must be coded in the
linker script, but how to realise it and make it more gracefully?
Hi Tidy,
I am currently doing a basic port in order to submit a patch as quickly as possible;
I just started testing the UART driver and am still  trying to debug it.
I had failed to notice that the CC2650 has an extra configuration area, and have used
the basic linker script already provided for most ARM Cortex builds.
So, thanks for pointing that out: my CCFG area is completely unusable. :)

Unfortunately I have very little experience with linker scripts; I don't know if #include-ing
the basic script and changing just what's needed would be more adequate than
copying it and patching it as a whole. Any recommended practice around here?

Anyway, let's take a look at include/arch/arm/cortex_m/scripts/linker.ld and try to
update it. I suggest we add a configuration option, like CONFIG_TI_CCFG_PRESENT,
that we'd use as a switch for extra code in the linker script.



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