Re: [Zephyr-users] Buggy PWM driver for nRF52 <ashish.shukla@...>

Hi Vinayak,

fade_led sample runs as expected. We are trying to generate PWM on two channels. Adding 

pwm_pin_set_usec(pwm_dev, PWM_CHANNEL0,PERIOD, pulse_width);
pwm_pin_set_usec(pwm_dev, PWM_CHANNEL1,PERIOD, pulse_width);

Creates unexpected behavior. 

Warm regards,
Ashish Shukla
Jr. Embedded Engineer
Research & Development

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On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 1:37 PM, Chettimada, Vinayak Kariappa <vinayak.kariappa.chettimada@...> wrote:

Hi Vikrant,


I have run the upstream fade_led sample on nrf52840-PDK, I see no regression, the brightness changes every second (up and then down so on).

I advice you to debug your implementation as I have no visibility to your design.






From: Vikrant More [mailto:vikrant8051@...]
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Subject: Re: [Zephyr-devel] [Zephyr-users] Buggy PWM driver for nRF52


Hi Vinayak,

I'm working nRF52840-PDK board.


On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 1:21 PM, Chettimada, Vinayak Kariappa <> wrote:

Hi Vikrant,


Please try the PWM without the BT Controller included. There could be some PWM regression due to changes in controller implementation.

That said the nrf5_sw  driver is software variant designed for older nRF51 SoCs. For newer nRF52x series h/w PWM’s should be used.


Nrf5_sw will work provided careful mitigation of used PPI and timers between the driver and BT controller use.


Which SoC are you using?





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Hi Marti,

>>Are you using the latest master?



On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 1:23 AM, Marti Bolivar <marti@...> wrote:

Hi Vikrant,


Are you using the latest master?


Three improvements to nRF PWM went in fairly recently:


3f1dbfda1 pwm: nrf5_sw: don't disable timer if another channel is still active

ab399a1cf pwm: nrf5_sw: do not use 'inversed' polarity by default

cec073c35 pwm: nrf5_sw: add support for SYS_LOG





On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 1:59 PM, Vikrant More <vikrant8051@...> wrote:

I took reference of $zephy/samples/samples/fade_led project


& add following parameters in my prj.conf


Could you please inform me, what I should do besides this ??
Thank You !!


On Feb 7, 2018 11:36 PM, "Felipe Neves" <ryukokki.felipe@...> wrote:

Hi Vikrant,

Did you configure what pins are associated to pwm duty_cycles on the menuconfig?





2018-02-07 10:15 GMT-02:00 Vikrant More <vikrant8051@...>:

Hello World !!

I've added following lines in my project main ()

    pwm_dev = device_get_binding(PWM_DRIVER);

    if (!pwm_dev)
        printk("Cannot find %s!\n", PWM_DRIVER);

        if(pwm_pin_set_usec(pwm_dev, PWM_CHANNEL0, PERIOD, pulse_width0))
            printk("pwm pin set fails\n");

        if(pwm_pin_set_usec(pwm_dev, PWM_CHANNEL1, PERIOD, pulse_width1))
            printk("pwm pin set fails\n");


And using bluetooth updating value of pulse_width0 & pulse_width1. Those two are defined as global variables.

pulse_width0 --> LED_1 on nrf52840_PDK
pulse_width1 --> LED_2 on nrf52840_PDK

I'm able to update value of both these variables using Bluetooth.

I used printk to check it. My logic is perfect.

But if I vary pulse_width0 then it affects intensity of LED2
& if I vary pulse_width1 then it affects intensity of LED1.

Why ? Is anyone found this BUG ?

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