Re: Adding support for CC2650 SoC

Geoffrey LE GOURRIEREC <geoffrey.legourrierec@...>

I am currently doing a basic port in order to submit a patch as quickly as possible;
I just started testing the UART driver and am still  trying to debug it.
I had failed to notice that the CC2650 has an extra configuration area, and have used
the basic linker script already provided for most ARM Cortex builds.
So, thanks for pointing that out: my CCFG area is completely unusable. :)
Do you mean that you can see the uart output without configring the CCFG,
just using basic linker script? But from my former view, if no CCFG is configured, that is,
the image valid bit of CCFG is not set as 0, the SoC will go into the bootloader mode,
not the application programed to the flash.

You are correct. What I meant is that my UART test fails in part because, indeed, the
IMAGE_VALID field was not set to 0. I have now configured the CCFG in the init() function
of the SoC, in arch/arm/soc/ti_simplelink/cc2650.
I suggest we add a configuration option, like CONFIG_TI_CCFG_PRESENT,
that we'd use as a switch for extra code in the linker script.
I think it might a good idea.

Good, I'll start working on that then. Please tell me if you manage to patch the
linker script appropriately. :)


Geoffrey Le Gourriérec

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