Re: "dummy-flash" device tree possible bug?

Diego Sueiro

Hello Maureen,

On 8 February 2018 at 15:08, Maureen Helm <maureen.helm@...> wrote:

Hi Diego,

Take a look at the mimxrt1050_evk board. The SoC doesn’t have embedded flash, so I mapped the flash entry to ITCM which is in SRAM. “zephyr,sram” is mapped to DTCM, which is a different region in SRAM.


You can then use a debugger to load code directly into SRAM.


Thanks for the suggestion. This is an interesting approach as well.

I still want to understand how to use the "dummy-flash" and if I can assign the same memory node for the flash and sram because looking at the elf headers it seems that it can work.

I'll be able to make some tests this weekend and see how they go.

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