Re: Introduction of Youtube video, "Bluetooth Mesh Demo at ELCE Prague 2017"

Kai Ren

Hi Johan,
Thanks for your answers!
I have two micro:bit boards, I built the firmware, ./sample/bluetooth/mesh_demo/ and flashed it on these two boards. After completing it, I could see that:
1. one micro:bit address is 0x0b01, the other is 0x0b02;
2. when the boards powered up, I could see the unique address floating on LED matrix;
3. attached is the UART console screenshot, the board initialization was successful, when I press buttonA, button callback function seemed to work well.

But I couldn't capture heartbeat and when I press buttonA, I couldn't see that message broadcasting. Is there anything wrong for my configuration?


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Hi Kai,

On Wed, Jan 03, 2018, Kai Ren wrote:
* How many devices (micro:bit) do I need to prepare?
At least two. The demo is designed to show only the last digit of the sending devices's address, so anything more than 9 devices and you start seeing hex characters :)

* What device would be the Provisioner?
No device. The way this particular demo works is that the nodes self-provision themselves, and you assing a unique unicast address at build-time (i.e. each device is flashed with a unique build image).

* What firmware do I need to use? Under $ZEPHYR_BASE/sample or $ZEPHYR_BASE/test?
It's samples/bluetooth/mesh_demo. The unique unicast for each build is given by passing e.g. NODE_ADDR=0x0001 as a build variable.


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