Re: Introduction of Youtube video, "Bluetooth Mesh Demo at ELCE Prague 2017"

Johan Hedberg

Hi Kai,

On Mon, Feb 12, 2018, Kai Ren wrote:
I have two micro:bit boards, I built the firmware,
./sample/bluetooth/mesh_demo/ and flashed it on these two boards.
After completing it, I could see that:
1. one micro:bit address is 0x0b01, the other is 0x0b02;
Note that button B cycles the destination address from 0x0001 to
0x0009, then jumps to the group address and then back to 0x0001 again,
so nodes with 0x0b.. addresses will only be able to receive on the group
address but you can never send to their unicasts with the demo. I'd
therefore recommend sticking to the 0x0001-0x0009 range.

2. when the boards powered up, I could see the unique address floating on LED matrix;
3. attached is the UART console screenshot, the board initialization
was successful, when I press buttonA, button callback function seemed
to work well.

But I couldn't capture heartbeat and when I press buttonA, I couldn't
see that message broadcasting. Is there anything wrong for my
Button A is not supposed to send a heartbeat message, rather it should
send a kind of dummy vendor model message which should trigger the
recipient to print the least significant digit of the address of the

If you want to make one node send period heartbeat messages you need to
give it the unicast address 0x000f, which is treated in a special way
with the demo. If you haven't done so already I suggest you try to
explore a bit the following source files, which should hopefully give a
better idea of the logic and possibilities with the demo:


These two files communicate with each other through the exported
functions in samples/bluetooth/mesh_demo/src/board.h.


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